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NJ Drug Manufacturing Lawyers

New Jersey Drug Manufacturing Lawyers

When law enforcement brings drug charges against you, expect them to do all they can to get a conviction. If there is one thing police and prosecutors love to point to when demonstrating how well they are doing their jobs, it is drug busts. In situations where they allege you were involved in a drug manufacturing operation, the charges against you will be extremely serious and may have federal authorities overseeing the case. When in this situation, you will be facing a long prison sentence if convicted, which is why you need experienced New Jersey drug manufacturing lawyers in charge of your case as soon as possible.

What are Illegal Substances?

When you are arrested on drug manufacturing charges, it will likely be because authorities have supposedly caught you manufacturing such illegal substances as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or amphetamines. However, with the nation’s opioid crisis being what it is today, law enforcement may also charge you with manufacturing various types of painkillers for distribution, especially if the area in which you live is known for having an opioid epidemic. Since authorities will always be eager to make a drug bust, don’t hesitate to hire New Jersey drug manufacturing lawyers who know how to examine evidence in these cases and plan various types of legal strategies for your defense.

State or Federal Charges

If you are arrested for drug manufacturing, the next question will be whether you are facing state or federal charges. In most situations, drug charges of this nature are brought forth by local law enforcement agencies, and thus are handled by state prosecutors. However, if the government believes it possesses evidence against you showing your drug manufacturing operation was part of a multi-state drug trafficking ring, federal charges may be levied against you. When deciding whether to pursue federal charges, authorities take several things into consideration such as how much of a substance had been manufactured, whether or not you were involved in its distribution, and so forth. By hiring a skilled drug manufacturing defense lawyer, they may be able to negotiate with prosecutors to strike a plea-bargain deal, giving you a lesser sentence than if you take your chances at trial.

Proving Your Guilt

While on the surface it may appear that it would be easy for federal authorities to prove you were manufacturing drugs, the truth is it is much more difficult than many people realize. In fact, proving an individual is guilty of manufacturing illegal substances is one of the hardest cases for prosecutors to win. In these cases, prosecutors must not only clearly demonstrate you were actually involved in manufacturing the substances in question, but also show you had a clear intent to do so. Since there are often many other people involved in these operations, your attorney may be able to show you were simply caught up in a situation over which you had no control, or may in fact have been framed by others or even law enforcement authorities.

Drug Informants

Though law enforcement has long relied on drug informants to provide them information about local drug activity, the fact is most of these informants are extremely unreliable in providing accurate information. In fact, many of these informants are people who are already facing serious drug charges of their own, and may simply be trying to throw you under the bus in an effort to get a lighter sentence for themselves. In many cases, it is determined informants deliberately provided police with misleading information or created entrapment situations on individuals to ensure they would be arrested. If the evidence police and prosecutors have against you comes mainly from a drug informant, put New Jersey drug manufacturing lawyers to work on your case immediately so that the informant’s true motives can be made clear to everyone.

Your Legal Defenses to Drug Manufacturing Charges

When you are facing drug manufacturing charges from state or local authorities, always remember there are many defense options your attorney may be able to focus on from the beginning. For example, along with drug informants who may have been paid by police to set you up, it is also possible that police used improper arrest procedures, conducted an unlawful search and seizure of your home or business, or may in fact have tampered with evidence to make it appear as if you are guilty. Whatever the case may be, hire an excellent defense attorney immediately and allow them to carefully examine the evidence that supposedly proves your guilt.

Even though drug manufacturing charges are serious and the cases extremely complex, they are quite winnable when you have an excellent attorney by your side. Rather than let yourself be sent to prison for decades, hire New Jersey drug manufacturing lawyers who have a track record of success with these cases.

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