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New York(NY) Healthcare License Defense Lawyer

Healthcare professionals in New York are comprised of a number of different types of occupations. There are nurses, doctors, chiropractors, physicians assistants, dentists, and other types of medical field professionals. All of these positions are licensed and are not allowed to provide their healthcare services without a clean license. People who have not gone through the years of work and expense in obtaining the necessary schooling and qualifications to gain such a license can not comprehend how hard it is to earn this right and privilege to practice medicine.

Sadly, it is all too possible for these tireless medical professionals’ reputations, careers, and livelihoods to all be hanging by a thread if they become accused of professional or personal misconduct by their board of licensing. These are dark and difficult times for medical professionals, which is why in this desperate hour they should seek out skillful attorneys to assist in the defense of their professional licenses so that they can proceed ahead with their careers and service in the profession.

Whose Licenses in the Medical Field Are At Risk of Being Revoked?

It is not merely doctors and physician assistants whose licenses can be put at risk by such allegations and disciplinary proceedings. Other medical field personnel such as dentists, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, mental health professionals, pharmacists, and still other licensed medical professionals all practice at the mercy of their respective licensing boards. These boards include the:

• New York State Education Department
• Office of Professional Medical Conduct
• Office of Professional Discipline
• Medical Boards

Specific Complaints That Can Threaten a New York Healthcare License

Unfortunately, there are so very many different professional and personal accusations that can ruin the career and cost a provider the license upon which he or she depends to live and work. Some of these are charges are criminal and some are not. Among the criminal, potentially career-ending allegations are private insurance carrier fraud, government healthcare fraud with Medicare and medicaid, no-fault fraud, drinking while driving, drugs and alcohol use and addiction, abuse of patients, sexual misconduct and crimes, and still more. In these cases, the accused medical professionals will need more than simply license defense, they will also require legal and criminal defense to avoid possible loss of freedom in the form of extensive jail time.

NY OPMC Defense Lawyers – NY OPD Defense Lawyers

The Offices That Threaten Healthcare Licenses in New York

OPMC Office – Doctors and Physicians Assistants

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct, or OPMC, is a division of the New York state Department of Health. Their purpose and practice lies in investigating and disciplining doctors and physicians assistants who carry a New York state license for any incidents of professional misconduct. When a doctor finds himself or herself under an official OPMC investigation, that professional is at serious risk of suffering a disciplinary action that could negatively and permanently impact his or her professional reputation and career as well as ability to make a living. Any doctors or physician assistants who find themselves in this particular predicament should seek our professional, reliable, and experienced legal counsel who can demonstrate a solid and successful track record in representing doctors and physicians assistants before the OPMC board.

OPD Office and Nurses

In the state of New York, the Office of Professional Discipline, or OPD, is the board charged with supervising Registered Nurses and Licensed Professional Nurses. This Office is a division of the department of New York State Education. OPD has the authority and mandate to investigate and initiate disciplinary proceedings for any uncovered or reported professional misconduct engaged in by nurses.

Any nurse who finds herself or himself under investigation by the OPD must realize that the license which enables the practice of their trade and the associated employment with it are both in dire jeopardy. The best defense is a good offense with a capable attorney who is experienced in handling cases of nursing misconduct that range from alcohol and drug abuse, to negligence of patients and duties, to unauthorized practice, to failure to properly document activities and procedures. Such a lawyer is able to safeguard a license and rights of a nurse to practice medicine.

Services Offered by a New York OPD Lawyer

New York healthcare license defense attorneys have spent years of their lives defending providers of medicine and healthcare in general. They get how easy it can be for hard working, innocent, and honest individuals to be falsely accused. This does not change the fact that it is also entirely too easy to lose the license that took these professionals literally years to obtain. Such lawyers have great expertise in helping healthcare professionals under review in all of the following capacities:

1. Getting and Keeping the Medical License

Obtaining a professional medical license is one thing, but keeping it is another thing altogether. Dependable healthcare defense lawyers have experience in helping medical professionals to maintain their licenses. There are many different regulations that govern a medical person keeping this license over the years. Professional legal counsel can help to make sure a license is not lost through simply missing a continuing education or career requirement a number of years after a license has been obtained.

2. Defending Against Investigations and Disciplinary Actions of the OPD and OPMC Boards

It is most important that medical professionals seek out legal help and counsel as soon as they are aware of any unfolding investigation by either the Office of Professional Discipline or the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. When they become involved in the action early on, lawyers are often able to ward off trouble that might cause the medical license to be lost.

In the cases where disciplinary action has already begun, good lawyers can help to deliver a powerful defense of the accused medical professionals. They realize that a derogatory outcome of these hearings could lead to the revocation of the professional’s medical license, which would spell the end of that person’s medical career and livelihood.

3. Reapplying for a Suspended or Revoked Medical License

At the point where a medical license has been suspended or revoked already, it is not an easy thing to re-obtain it. Expert medical license lawyers are well aware of the ways and means that are necessary for medical professionals to successfully reapply for their license. These attorneys assist medical professionals in getting back their lost licenses in order for them to restore their damaged careers in the medical field.

Hire a New York OPMC / OPD Defense Attorney

Being accused of professional or personal misconduct by a medical employer, being investigated by the governing body of the medical board, or being charged for committing a crime are all serious matters. This is why it is critical to obtain professional legal counsel to help with these problems as soon as possible. They will show the way to the escape from the dilemma and hold their clients’ hands every step of the way as well.

It is true that there are a great number of law firms from which professionals in the medical field can choose, and this is why it is important to do more than simply look up the various contenders on their websites. By interviewing a short list of qualified attorneys, medical professionals can make the most informed decision for whom is best able to defend them and their healthcare medical license against the assault of the relevant governing board. Do not delay; call the professional legal team at New York Criminal Lawyers today to see how we can help you to obtain that desperately-needed skillful counsel and capable assistance in your hour of dire need.

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