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New York City Employment Discrimination – NYCHRC Lawyers

Employment discrimination can be seen in all types of businesses across New York City. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can offer assistance if you feel that you have experienced discrimination while working. Most employers cannot exhibit discrimination against employees based on several components, such as race, age, pregnancy, gender, and religion. Sexual orientation and national origin are also included in the discriminatory elements that employers have to abide by and can’t use as a reason to fire someone or not hire someone.

Domestic violence victims can’t be discriminated against by employers. They deserve an equal opportunity to gain employment just like someone who has not dealt with this kind of lifestyle. There are different laws that cities and counties have in addition to the federal discrimination guidelines that employers have to abide by regarding employees. With the assistance of an attorney who understands all of the discrimination laws in New York City, employees can receive the compensation that they deserve as well as the proper employment that they deserve.

Discrimination can take place before someone is hired for a position. An example would be an employer not hiring a potential employee based on that person’s race. Discrimination can also occur after the person is hired to work for the business if the employer decides to terminate employment because of an element that employees are protected against, such as gender or race. Employers are not to conduct any acts of discrimination when asking questions during the interview process, when determining a promotion or transfer, or when there are compensation issues at hand. These issues include the pay rate based on gender, religion, national orientation, or race. Employers are not to discriminate when choosing people to layoff or when making decisions about benefit or pay reductions.

There are a few examples to consider regarding employment discrimination that an attorney can examine and use when going to court if you feel that you have been met with this act while working for the employer.

Any kind of stereotyping or use of racial slurs in the place of employment can be seen as discrimination. Employees should be able to work in an environment where they don’t hear these statements or where they feel like they are isolated from other races. Other examples include a denial of a promotion based on race or being paid less than someone who is of another race.

It is common for male employers to discriminate against women or those who identify themselves as women. An example of this kind of discrimination would be calling female employees names that represent ownership or flirting with female employees. Another way that employers can discriminate based on gender would be if males are promoted or are paid more money compared to females. It is also considered discrimination when females are unable to have their hours adjusted due to childcare or if they are pregnant while males are able to modify their hours for the same reasons.

National And Religious Origin:
This is a type of discrimination that has come to light in recent years because of the number of people who are looking for work and are from other countries. An example would be not hiring someone from another nation to work in a business that is owned by someone from a different country. A common example would be if an employer were to fire an employee who is an Arab simply because of terrorist threats in the country or if there have been arrests of people who are Arabic. The same type of discrimination can be exhibited based on religion. Examples include not allowing employees of a certain religion to participate in their celebrations by taking time off of work.

Other examples of discrimination that an attorney can offer assistance with include not hiring someone because the person might be seen as too old or too young. Employers can’t discriminate solely because a female is pregnant. Employees who are disabled are to have the same accommodations as others in the business and are protected from discrimination, especially if an employer denies the person leaving for doctor’s appointments or doesn’t install facilities that make it easier for the person to work. Employees are to be treated like humans in New York City and are protected against the Family and Medical Leave Act as well as other acts that have been put in place by the federal government as well as state and local governments.

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