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Los Angeles Physician License Defense Lawyers


Physician License Defense Lawyers

A hard fact of life is that anxiety makes some people extremely litigious. Like money, health issues can produce a good deal of anxiety and, accordingly, an abundance of lawsuits. Many such actions are content to simply collect from a physician’s malpractice insurance. Others, however, can threaten a doctor’s very right to practice medicine, affecting livelihood, family and future. Given the years of painstaking diligence required to attain a medical license, loss of the same because of a single episode or event can be a devastating blow. At the same time, it need not be a foregone conclusion.

Who Decides?

Ultimately, the maintenance of a physician’s license rests with the state board of medical examiners, the body that issued the credential in the first place. In Florida, for example, this body is part of the Department of Health; in New Jersey, the Department of Consumer Affairs. Regardless of its position within a bureaucracy, this panel is responsible for issuing, renewing, suspending and, in some cases, revoking licenses for doctors and other health care professionals. If a physician is subject to a disciplinary hearing, he or she should secure the services of an attorney experienced and familiar with the workings and processes of this board.

Reasons for Disciplinary Action

Complaints against doctors can come from myriad sources: hospitals, insurance companies, patients or other physicians, to name a few. They can impugn a doctor’s competence or character…sometimes both. For instance, impairment due to the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered an offense worthy of license suspension. Likewise, sexual misconduct or inappropriate treatment will often bring about complaints against a practitioner.
Faulty administration of anesthesia; improper authorization of prescriptions; and practicing with a suspended license can all incur professional penalties. Misrepresentation in billing, in the same way, is considered a form of fraud. Of course, flagrant violation of the law, e.g. assisting suicide in a state where it is forbidden, will doubtless throw a medical license into jeopardy. Sometimes, in fact, the mere accusation is sufficient for a hearing.

What to Do When Your License Is Threatened

A doctor’s first recourse when accusations are leveled should be to retain competent counsel. This goes beyond an attorney who is simply bar-certified. In such dire straits, a beleaguered physician needs a lawyer who is well-versed in health care law and experienced in advocating before the medical examiners. Professional licensure boards and administrative judges operate differently than do courts of law. Accordingly, the lawyer of choice can best protect a doctor’s interest when he or she is grounded in how investigations are conducted, what documents are needed and which complaints to take the most seriously.

The Best Attorney Available

When in need of a license defense attorney, physicians are well advised to balance technical legal knowledge with experience and empathy. Intellect and instinct are both required for this crucial assignment so a careful search benefits a doctor under professional fire.

Physicians assistants work long hours caring for the sick and injured in hospitals, outpatient clinics and surgical centers. Most physicians assistants carry heavy patient loads and get little sleep. For this reason, mistakes sometimes happen and medical malpractice claims are filed. If you are a Los Angeles physicians assistant and are facing potential disciplinary actions that may threaten your license, consider contacting a license defense lawyer for advice.

Types Of Claims

There are many different scenarios in which a malpractice claim may arise. The most common causes of complaints in the medical field include:

  • Prescription Drug Theft
  • Failure To Meet The Appropriate Standard Of Care
  • DUI Arrest
  • Negligence
  • Operating Equipment Improperly
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Medication Errors
  • Improper Documentation
  • Billing Errors

Most claims are made by the injured patients family members, but the hospital, outpatient clinic or surgical center you work for may also request an investigation if they are concerned.

How The Process Works

If you are the subject of an investigation by the licensing board in Los Angeles, you will receive a written letter. This letter states the type of allegations made and the date in which you must respond by. It is of utmost importance to respond by the designated date, as failure to do so may result in an escalation of the claim.

Once your response is received, it will be reviewed by the Board and either dismissed or moved to the investigation phase. This means an investigator will be assigned to the case and will ask you to provide him with an interview. He will also visit your place of employment and gather the evidence surrounding the allegations. Once the investigation is complete, your case will be reviewed and a decision will be made. You will receive written notification stating whether the Board will move to suspend or revoke your license.

Types Of Discipline

There are several types of disciplinary actions that may be taken if the Board rules against you such as:

What Not To Do

Facing potential disciplinary action from the Board is a very serious matter. After all, you could lose the right to practice not only in the state you currently work in, but any state in the U.S. Under the Affordable Care Act, a medical professional who has their license suspended or revoked cannot obtain a license to practice medicine anywhere in the United States. When facing a potential medical malpractice case, there are certain things you should avoid doing such as:

  • Never Ignore Any Written Communication From The Board
  • Don’t Give A Statement To Investigators
  • Don’t Copy Medical Records
  • Never Voluntarily Surrender Your License

How A Lawyer Can Help

Being investigated for medical malpractice is stressful and frustrating. It is especially difficult for those who have dedicated their lives to the care of people in need. Just the hint of impropriety can have a devastating affect on your livelihood. For this reason, it is important to speak with a license defense lawyer before it’s too late. Some things a lawyer can do for you during your case include:

  • Send Written Response To The Board
  • Gather The Facts In Your Case
  • Suggest Alternative Programs
  • Represent You In Any Hearings
  • Appeal The Decision Of The Board

If you are a Los Angeles physicans assistant and are at risk of disciplinary action, contact a license defense lawyer today for advice. During a consultation, your lawyer will examine your case and recommend the best course of action. Having someone who understands your position can greatly reduce the stress and anxiety that goes along with a medical malpractice case and the potential loss of your license.

We understand the complexities you face

Few people understand how stressful it when your future is at stake. Mistakes happen, and sometimes they can be trumped up, malicious, and fake, charges. Regardless of how real they are, it can cost you – your license. Possible reasons for penalties can include, but are not limited to:

-Negligence and medical malpractice

-Practicing while under influence of drugs

-Improper billing

-Unnecessary procedures

Both of our founding partners are former prosecutors and understand how cases involving professional license defense are prosecuted. There are few attorneys better suited to the task of helping you handling disciplinary proceedings, and helping you get the outcome you deserve from hearings and appeals.

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