Long Island Tax Evasion Fraud Lawyers

Long Island Tax Evasion Fraud Lawyers

The IRS takes tax evasion very seriously, and it pursues anyone that it suspects of serious tax fraud aggressively with court cases. If you have recently been accused of tax evasion in the NYC or Long Island area, then you need to get in touch with Spodek Law Group as soon as possible. We have many years of experience working on tax fraud cases among the lawyers on our staff, and we understand what a complex and stressful time this can be. We are ready, willing, and able to help you put together a powerful legal defense to obtain the best outcome possible. We are able to get a better result for 99 percent of all of our clients. We are available 24/7 and our initial consultation with you is free and has no obligation for anything further.

Tax evasion as defined by the law requires that you willfully deceive the IRS with the intention of saving money by paying fewer in taxes than you should. Both individuals and businesses engage in tax evasion. It is important to understand that making an honest mistake on your taxes does not constitute fraud. You might have to pay a late fee or other penalty in addition to the taxes that you missed, but it isn’t a matter of breaking the law if it was not intentional. Moreover, the cases that the IRS checks and audits each year are chosen randomly. That means you can never be quite sure whether you will be picked for an audit.
There are a few different ways that people attempt to evade taxes. The simplest is to just not report some income, either as a business or an individual. This really only works for cash transactions, because any money that goes into a bank account at any time is traceable and easy to find, meaning hard to hide from the IRS. In addition, especially for individuals, income is usually reported twice- by the individual and also by their employer. You do not have control over the tax form the employer sends in, so if you try to under-report income it will come up as a discrepancy.

More involved strategies depend on finding ways to reduce taxable income without putting down incorrect information about income directly. For individuals, the most common attempt is to write down extra children and dependents. This can provide a savings without requiring you to lie about your income. For businesses, an equivalent approach is to over-state the costs of the business, which reduces taxable income.

Long Island Tax Evasion Lawyers

In any case, the penalties for tax fraud depend on the magnitude of the offense. In all cases it will be necessary to pay back all the dodged tax amounts, likely with late fees and interest added on. Then there will be an additional fine or monetary penalty at the discretion of the judge, and prison time is also a possibility. Extensive tax fraud schemes can have dire consequences.

Mounting a defense against a charge of tax evasion often comes down to two things: trying to show that misstated tax information was a mistake and unintentional, and making good plea bargains. Plea deals and settlements are common because both you and the IRS would prefer to avoid paying large legal fees, so both sides are willing to settle. If the IRS seems to be in control of powerful evidence against you, a deal might be the best way to minimize your sentence and penalties.

Because tax law is one of the most detailed and complex elements of law, and because tax authorities are challenging opponents in court, it is absolutely essential to have a competent and experienced law team on your side and to get them involved as early as you can. Upon notification that charges are being filed against you, your first move should be to obtain a lawyer. It is too risky to attempt to parse out the case on your own and you could wind up with a worse outcome. This is particularly true if the IRS placed a deadline on when you can respond with a settlement offer or deal.

At Spodek, we are intimately familiar with tax fraud cases and have worked with many satisfied clients to assist them as they deal with these charges. Our beneficial outcomes range from forcing the charges to be dropped to getting reduced sentences and penalties. In our free consultation and subsequent meetings, we will help to build the best legal defense you can use and prepare you for the process.

It is intimidating to get a notification that the IRS is filing charges against you, and in part they are intentionally trying to scare you into giving in. With our legal consultation, you’ll know that you have someone on your side who has your best interests in mind and who can advocate for your interests.

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