Long Island DWI Lawyers

Long Island DWI Lawyers

Drinking under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a grave offense anywhere in the world. For this reason, the offense carries severe charges if you are found guilty. In Long Island, it is no different, and DWI crimes are handled seriously. The DWI laws out here are quite complicated and harsh to discourage this inhumane act, and as a result, a great number of people are caught driving under the influence. In most cases, if caught driving while drunk, you risk losing your driver’s license and facing a myriad of DWI charges.

Drunk under influence is catastrophic not only to the driver but also other third parties. As a result, Long Island has overseen the introduction of more firm laws and huge penalties especially due to the increased attention by the media and also insurmountable pressure from activist groups. In Long Island, drivers should not drive under the influence of either alcohol or drugs beyond the recommended limit. Doing so attracts a serious enforceable charge if found guilty. T The blood alcohol level should not surpass .08 for adults and .02 for minors.

DWI cases in Long Island are under the prosecutors who happen to be are aggressive and unforgiving. Therefore, if charged with DWI, it is prudent to have a Long Island lawyer with the relevant knowledge, experience, and skills to handle DWI charges to provide you with effective legal representation.

In Long Island, if you are driving and happen to be stopped by an officer of the law, you are required to submit to alcohol testing by surrendering a sample of urine, blood, or undertaking a breathalyzer test. Upon confirmation that you were driving under the influence, you are charged with DWI. As a result, you are likely to face many penalties like serving jail time, driver’s license suspension, and payment of hefty fines. These penalties increase with the presence of any injuries or damages thereof. The situation is even worse if the intoxication levels were too high or if you were involved in an accident.

DWI convictions have a significant impact on one’s future. Since you would not, at any cost, want to gamble with your tomorrow, you require the services of a defense team with vast experience to represent you especially if you have no prior DWI charge. An excellent legal defense team places you in a better position against the prosecution as you only get one shot at persuading a judge. A little research on your preferred representation team would not hurt but stands a chance of saving your future. It should be a team determined to see you off the hook by aggressively challenging the evidence to avoid the severe DWI penalties.

DWI attorneys in Long Island are life savers. Hiring the top-rated lawyers to increase chances of regaining back your freedom after the arrest. Besides, we offer advice regarding your rights, defend you during the trial, and assist you in the recovery of lost driving privileges even after conviction. Penalties are quite demanding, and therefore, you need the right representation, which we offer to safeguard your freedom.

Our DWI lawyers provide you with a better understanding of all the possible ramifications. Even after you are arrested, it is important to note that you have significantly higher chances of winning the case if your BAC is between .08 and .11 and there were no accidents or injuries involved. Similarly, if it is the first DWI, then convincing the judge for a plea bargain in the case is easier.

These attorneys’ sole responsibility is to deal with DWI cases hence they are often on it. This, in turn, gives them the relevant experience in the courtroom to assess your case and determine its outcome beforehand. Besides, they are well aware of the proper methods of collecting evidence, and they have someone looking out for the factors that are essential on shifting the grounds of the case to your favor.

Our Long Island DWI attorneys have unique ability to uncover issues with sobriety tests or any other evidence, and this could offer you a more favorable plea bargain or the dropping of the entire case. Besides, they have a familiarity with the judges covering cases of this nature. Hence, they can come up with an action plan that best serves you.

The Long Island DWI attorneys also provide free advice to members of the public. Once arrested for a DWI offense, you should not divulge any information about the case before you make contact with a DWI attorney. This ensures that you do not say anything that can incriminate you and jeopardize your freedom. DWI convictions appear on one’s driving record for an average five years. However, it can subsist for life if not monitored. Therefore, our DWI lawyers advise clients to make periodic checks on their driving records to see if the convictions are still there even after their period has lapsed. In the case of expunging these sentences, the process can be involving, slow, and confusing. Hence, the services of our attorneys come in handy.

Besides, our DWI defense lawyers make it easier for you to lead a healthy personal and professional life even in the unfortunate case of a DWI conviction. Irrespective of how long your conviction is set to last on your record, they strive to see that your life is not adversely affected. Our lawyers advocate for your rights and work round the clock to ensure the reduction of your DWI charge. They are dedicated to fighting against your charges aggressively. If you are in Long Island and you are faced with DWI charges, reach out to us today for a passionate legal representation.

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