long island dwi lawyer

long island dwi lawyer

Drunk driving in the state of New York is not to be taken very lightly. Drunk drivers who are negligence face laws that are extremely rigid and harsh. In the event that you are caught behind the wheel when driving under the influence, you could lose your driver’s license and face many driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. More rigid laws and penalties have increased for drunken driving laws due to pressure received from many action groups as well as much attention from the media.

Driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an extremely serious charge that can be enforced on an individual who has a blood alcohol level (BAL) which is above .08 (the New York state legal level). If an individual is caught driving a vehicle while intoxicated and who is under the age of 18, they can face zero tolerance indicating that the BAL of a minor must not be beyond .02. Cases such as DWI are tracked by prosecutors all through the Long Island and New York State areas. When you are facing charges you must be sure to have a Long Island attorney who is skilled in DWI charges so they can provide proper and expertise representation.

All drivers in the state of New York when approached by an officer of the law must submit themselves to alcohol testing by submitting a sample of their urine, blood or take a Breathalyzer test (the most common). Individuals who are convicted of DWI will face many penalties such as spending time in jail, have their license suspended and paying expensive fines. These penalties will only increase if any injuries and damages played a part, ruthless intoxication or accidents were also involved.

It is no doubt that when an individual is convicted of a DWI it has an impact on their future. With all this to think about, you don’t want the representation of a legal team with little experience, particularly if this is your first DWI. An individual will get one chance only to persuade a judge so you must make a good decision about your legal team. You can increase the chance of having a successful outcome if you do a little research on the legal team that you choose to represent you. A firm who is determined must be chosen so they can win your case and aggressively defend your DWI penalties.

DWI lawyers in NY can help you regain your life after being arrested. NY attorneys can advise you of your rights, defend you during trial or assist you in recovering lost driving privileges after conviction. New York is cracking down on those who drive while intoxicated. Penalties can be quite steep. Find the right DWI lawyer in NY to protect your freedom.

Lifelong Suffering Due to DWI

A DWI can be an emotional, social and financial liability with long-lasting repercussions. The job market is tight and a criminal background check could be a red flag to any potential employers. A DWI license revocation could make it difficult for you to get to work.

Fines, jail time and restricted driving privileges are common penalties for a DWI in New York. After each infraction, the penalty will be increased. Finally, if the authorities believe you have an alcoholic problem, they might assign you to rehabilitation before you can get your license or vehicle back.

Can I refuse to take the chemical test?

New York is making it more difficult for you to refuse to take the chemical test when you are suspected of drinking under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You might be fined or have your license revoked if you refuse to take the chemical test. You must contact DWI lawyers in NY to protect your legal rights.

Stiff Penalties for NY DWI

NY DWI penalties are stiffer for those under 21 years old. NY drinking while ability impaired (DWAI) regulations can lead to convictions for just a few drinks. Blood alcohol content (BAC) levels have been lowered.

The lowest NY penalty level is DWAI from .05 to .07 BAC. This could involve a 1-year license revocation for those under 21 or 90-day revocation for those over 21. Fines are hundreds of dollars with some jail time.

The middle level is DWI .08 BAC and higher. This could lead to a 1-year revocation under 21 or 6-month revocation over 21. Fines could reach $1,000 and jail time could be up to a year.

The highest level is Aggravated DWI .18 BAC. This includes a minimum 1-year revocation for all ages. Fines start at $1,000 and jail time could be up to a year. DWI lawyers in NY will help defend you against these very serious charges.

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