NYC Immigration Fraud Lawyers

Immigration fraud is a huge concern among state and federal authorities. Law enforcement members are very zealous about prosecuting immigration fraud. If you’re facing a possible immigration fraud conviction, understand that an immigration fraud conviction can wreak havoc on your background, and it could lead to deportation if you’re not a US citizen. To avoid this, you need to speak to our NYC immigration fraud lawyers. Immigration fraud is an umbrella term which covers a lot of things. A charge of immigration fraud can involve perjury, theft, scams, felonies, or even misdemeanors. Fraud cannot be the result of an accident, or negligent behavior. Authorities in immigration fraud cases have to prove there was an intentional, and purposeful, act. If you can’t prove there was a intentional, or purposeful, motive to do fraud – then this is something our New York immigration fraud lawyers can help with.

Immigration Fraud Lawyer

Immigration fraud can be for any number of crimes. This term refers to any deception, or misconduct, that happens surrounding an immigration, or citizenship issue. Specific examples of immigration fraud our NYC immigration fraud lawyers can help with are:

  • Sham marriages for gaining entry to USA
  • Telephone calls from someone pretending to be a US Citizenship and Immigration Services personnel
  • Businesses that charge outrageous immigration consulting fees
  • Fraud that involves VISA lottery
  • Using a false identity on immigration documents
  • Committing perjury
  • Stealing the identity of another person for immigration documents
  • Altering documents
  • Misrepresenting facts to get immigration benefits

Penalties for Fraud

There are many penalties for immigration fraud. They have hefty penalties for any form of fraud which occurs within the immigration process. Our NYC immigration fraud attorneys can help you avoid these penalties, such as jail time, financial fines, and legal status. Marriage fraud is one of the most common reasons for immigration fraud. It’s punishable by jail up to 5 years or a maximum fine of $250,000.  In addition, the citizen/spouse who helps you commit the act could face the same punishment.

Under 18 U.S.C. § 1546 – fraud involving VISA or other documents are punishable by the following:

-25 year prison sentence – if the act is done to facilitate terrorism

-20 year prison sentence – if the act is committed to facilitate drug trafficking

-15 year prison sentence –  if the defendant is a repeat offender or has a criminal history

-10 year prison sentence – if the defendant is a first/second time offender

Document fraud is another issue that federal officials try to solve. This is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. This crime can also extend to crimes that involve using false identification documents, using the identification document (which was obtained via fraud means) or participating in false attestation.

Defenses to Immigration Fraud

If you’re facing immigration fraud charges, then you need to speak to our New York immigration fraud lawyers to help build a credible defense for you. One of the ways to help prove you aren’t guilty, is by focusing on intent. The prosecution has to prove you intended on knowingly committing fraud. We will help prove that you didn’t intend to possess false documents, make false statements, or do anything to break the law. We will help prove the prosecutor is incorrect, by focusing on the facts. Accidents, or doing things unknowingly, make it difficult for the prosecutor to charge you with hefty fines or get penalties. If you are accused of entering into a marriage-scam, then the prosecution has to prove you tried to enter into a relationship for the sole purpose of gaining entry to the USA. We can help prove you had no such intent. If you aren’t a citizen, and are here on a VISA, you will face an immigration fraud conviction which can result in a loss of legal status and deportation. We work tirelessly to help you stay in the USA. Our New York immigration fraud lawyers can help you 24/7. We can help you avoid deportation, and more. Immigration fraud can help result in incarceration – we can help you avoid that.

We encourage you to contact our New York immigration fraud lawyers as soon as possible.