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How can a lawyer help reduce intent to sell drug charges?

By Spodek Law Group | October 16, 2023
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

Last Updated on: 17th October 2023, 10:57 pm


How a Lawyer Can Help Reduce Intent to Sell Drug Charges

Being charged with possession with intent to sell drugs can lead to serious criminal penalties. However, a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can often get these charges reduced or even dismissed. Here are some of the ways a good lawyer can help:

Examine the Evidence

The first thing a lawyer will do is closely examine all the evidence against you. This includes reviewing police reports, analyzing any drugs or paraphernalia seized, and looking for improper police conduct. If the evidence is weak or flawed, the lawyer can file motions to get charges dismissed or evidence suppressed.

Challenge Intent to Sell

A key element prosecutors must prove is intent to sell or distribute drugs. But intent is hard to prove without direct evidence like undercover buys or your statements. Your lawyer will scrutinize the circumstantial evidence like baggies or scales to show reasonable doubt.

Raise Affirmative Defenses

There are defenses that can defeat intent to sell charges. For example, you can argue the drugs were for personal use, you didn’t know about the drugs, or you were entrapped. An experienced lawyer will look for and raise any viable defenses.

Negotiate Lesser Charges

Prosecutors know beating intent to sell charges at trial is tough. So they’re often open to plea bargains for lesser charges like simple possession. An attorney can negotiate aggressively to get charges reduced significantly.

Get Favorable Plea Deals

Even if charges aren’t reduced, a lawyer can often negotiate plea deals with lighter sentences. This includes arguing for probation, deferred adjudication, or drug court instead of jail time. The right plea deal can change your life.

Provide Context for Sentencing

If you end up convicted, your lawyer can provide mitigating context to the judge before sentencing. This includes highlighting your lack of criminal history, steady employment, and family commitments to argue for leniency.

Explore Diversion Programs

Many jurisdictions offer pretrial diversion programs for first-time offenders charged with nonviolent drug crimes. A lawyer can help get you into these programs to avoid prosecution and clear your record.

Develop Treatment Options

Judges take addiction and efforts to get clean into account at sentencing. Your attorney can show enrollment in rehab or outpatient treatment to demonstrate you’re addressing the root cause.

Explain the Collateral Consequences

The impacts of a drug conviction go far beyond jail time. Your record can affect jobs, licenses, financial aid, and immigration status. A lawyer will advise on these crucial collateral consequences.

File Appeals if Necessary

If you’re convicted at trial, a lawyer can appeal based on issues like insufficient evidence, procedural errors, or abuse of discretion at sentencing. Appeals provide another chance at dismissal or a new trial.

The bottom line is an experienced criminal defense lawyer has the knowledge and resources to build the strongest case possible. While the charges are serious, a good attorney can often get charges reduced or penalties minimized. Don’t go it alone against seasoned prosecutors. Hire a lawyer to even the playing field.

Common Defenses Against Intent to Sell Charges

Proving intent to sell charges requires showing you knowingly possessed drugs and intended to sell them. But several legal defenses can counter the prosecution’s evidence:

4th Amendment Violations

If police violated your 4th Amendment rights by conducting an illegal search or seizure, any evidence found may be excluded. This can get charges dismissed before trial.

No Constructive Possession

You can argue the drugs belonged to someone else, like a friend or partner, so you didn’t knowingly possess them. This targets a key element of the charges.

Personal Use

You can claim the drugs were meant for personal use only, not distribution. Even if some evidence points to selling, arguing personal use plants reasonable doubt.


If police pressured you into a drug sale you wouldn’t have otherwise made, you may have an entrapment defense. This is especially powerful with undercover stings.

Unknowing Possession

You can argue you didn’t know the substance was illegal drugs. This works best with substances concealed or disguised as legal products.

Raising one of these defenses doesn’t mean charges will automatically be dismissed. But an experienced lawyer can explain how these defenses apply to the facts of your case to give you the best shot of beating the charges.

How Lawyers Negotiate Reduced Charges

Given the challenges of winning at trial, many intent to sell cases end in plea bargains. A lawyer’s negotiating skills are key to getting charges reduced. Here are some tactics they use:

  • Highlight Weaknesses – Show how strong defenses make conviction uncertain to bring the prosecution to the table.
  • Offer a Plea to Lesser Charges – Offer to plead guilty to simple possession in exchange for dropping the intent to sell charge.
  • Leverage Mandatory Minimums – Argue that pleading to lesser charges helps both sides avoid harsh mandatory drug sentence laws.
  • Propose Sentencing Recommendations – Offer to recommend lighter sentencing like probation and drug treatment.
  • Appeal to Workload Realities – Point out going to trial will take time prosecutors could spend on other cases.
  • Suggest Trying Weaker Charges First – Propose starting with a trial for lower charges to show the strength of your case.
  • File Pre-trial Motions – Frustrate prosecutors with motions to dismiss, suppress evidence, or obtain more discovery.
  • Highlight Mitigating Factors – Emphasize things like no criminal record, college enrollment, or family commitments.
  • Remind Prosecutors of Doubts – Make prosecutors envision cross-examination questions that could sway a jury.

Leveraging these tactics, an attorney can often get charges like possession with intent reduced to simple possession or even misdemeanors in plea negotiations.

How Lawyers Argue for Lighter Sentences

If charges can’t be reduced through plea bargaining, the focus becomes getting the lightest sentence possible. Smart lawyers make these arguments:

Emphasize It’s a First Offense

Judges tend to be more lenient with defendants with no prior record. Highlight you’ve never been in trouble with the law before.

Point Out Non-Violence

Stress there was no violence or weapons involved so you pose minimal risk to public safety.

Show Strong Family Ties

Highlight your close ties to family and dependents to humanize you and show what’s at stake.

Demonstrate Steady Employment

Prove you’ve been a productive member of society by showing consistent employment history.

Propose Strict Probation

Recommend probation with frequent drug testing and monitoring to avoid jail time.

Suggest House Arrest

Propose home confinement with electronic monitoring as a strict but non-jail alternative.

Highlight Drug Addiction

If addiction fueled the offense, emphasize desire for treatment over punishment.

Obtain Character References

Submit glowing letters from family, friends, employers, etc. attesting to your good character.

Express Remorse

Sincerely apologizing shows acceptance of responsibility and desire to reform.

Outline Treatment Plans

Provide the court specific outpatient counseling or rehab programs you can enter.

Backing up these points with evidence of mitigating circumstances and a concrete alternative sentencing plan can help secure a more lenient punishment.

Why Hiring a Lawyer is Essential

Facing serious drug charges without an attorney is extremely risky. Here are some key reasons why hiring a lawyer is so important:

  • Navigating complex criminal law procedures
  • Conducting in-depth investigation and discovery
  • Detailing every weakness and flaw in the prosecution’s case
  • Raising legal defenses you won’t know to assert
  • Negotiating skillfully with seasoned prosecutors
  • Developing sentencing alternatives to avoid jail time
  • Avoiding accidentally making damaging admissions
  • Understanding devastating collateral consequences of convictions

Drug charges also carry major penalties that can change your life forever. The costs and risks of not having experienced legal counsel are simply too high. Don’t take chances. Consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


Intent to sell drug charges should always be taken very seriously. But an experienced criminal defense lawyer can often get charges reduced or penalties minimized through careful investigation, strategic negotiation, and skillful advocacy. Don’t let fear or costs stop you from seeking professional legal help. It can make all the difference in achieving the most favorable resolution to your case.

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