Federal Drug Trafficking Lawyers

Federal and Major Felony Drug Trafficking Lawyers

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious criminal acts prosecuted by the federal government. Federal statutes are generally more strict than state statues and are directed at much larger amounts of drugs. Government investigators and prosecutors are aggressive when it comes to filing drug trafficking charges, even for drugs like marijuana that may not be considered so harmful socially. For state and local law enforcement agencies, the priority concern is attempting to keep crime off of the streets because many times drug activity and other criminal behavior are connected. For the federal officials it is similar, but the associated crimes get more violent because of the amounts of money involved and the potential for animosity among dueling gangs and drug trafficking operations. This condition probably has more truth in urban areas of the United States, but both federal and state agencies are keen to the situation. Many drug traffickers actually prefer the stealth of rural areas for transporting or storing their assets, but the profit potential for the major players is usually in the cities. Regardless of whether a defendant is being charged by state or federal officials, or even both in some instances, it is always vital to have an experienced and thorough New York City criminal defense lawyer representing your case for an equitable settlement of a charge when it involves a large supply of drugs of any type, including marijuana.

Seriousness of Federal Charges

Anyone who has been charged by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency is in serious trouble. The federal government normally does not issue warrants for small-time drug traffickers. That is usually left for the local and state authorities to handle, which can still be a significant legal problem in the state of New York. However, they can and do get involved when the trafficking involves transporting across state lines. In addition, many of the official federal agencies are also headquartered in New York City, so the feds could be watching a potential drug trafficking situation while the local officials are as well. Many times individuals are arrested by the state first, just to have the federal government step in and claim sovereignty in the prosecution. This situation can result in one government level of charges being dropped. This still may not bode well for the defendant because the sentencing guidelines and parole regulations for the two levels are much different. Jail sentencing is always more significant in a federal charge, and time reduction is usually a central issue for those who are being charged with solid evidence. That evidence should always be evaluated in terms of being admissible, and this can only be accomplished by an aggressive New York City criminal attorney who understands how to cast reasonable doubt on any federal government assertion. Search and seizure of the evidence is a particular point of contention that could result is a case dismissal or charge reduction.

Retaining an Attorney

Who is chosen for a legal representative can make a major difference when federal charges are filed. Former prosecutors can make an excellent choice because they understand what the federal government must prove in order to validate the case, meaning they will also know immediately where the government’s case is weakest. In addition, many times former prosecutors are also the best legal counselors when they have an ongoing professional relationship with the federal prosecutors. Local politics normally do not matter in prosecuting a federal case, and the professional reputation and status of your New York City criminal defense attorney
can make a major difference when negotiating a charge reduction or a case dismissal.

Being charged with a federal and major felony drug trafficking crime is an event that ruins lives, not only of the defendant, but often for the families as well. Having solid representation can mean that damage is limited when the charges are valid, and that exoneration is possible when your attorney can demonstrate that the government case is lacking in merit or does not rise to the level of being a federal priority because of various material case factors. In many ways, a defendant in a serious drug trafficking charge is not just defending against conviction when they choose an attorney. They are making an investment in the future of themselves and their families.

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