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Sacramento Federal Criminal Lawyers

June 18, 2019 Federal Criminal Attorneys

The federal justice system is not exclusively focused on federal crimes. Federal officials will often help state officials build a case if it is required. It is not uncommon for federal agents to create all sort of elaborate Hollywood sting operations like the recent sting that captured illegal immigrants by creating a fake university. Because the Feds can be reckless and use dragnet tactics, they have been criticized for the philosophical motives behind their operations. If you are being prosecuted by federal authorities in Sacramento, you need the best legal help that you can find.

At our Sacramento federal criminal defense law firm, we know what it takes to get results. Our experience and focus on federal criminal law makes us like going to a specialist for medical care. You would not go to a podiatrist for stomach cancer. For the same reason, you should only hire the attorneys that have the most experience in your type of case. Our law firm has working knowledge and decades of experience in a wide variety of cases:

  • Fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Sex stings
  • Bank robberies
  • Immigration
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Gun crimes
  • Drug trafficking
  • White-collar crimes
  • And a whole lot more …

What Can Our Law Firm Do to Help?

In the first place, we are going to make maximum use of your legal budget. We don’t have to educate ourselves on the issues or wrestle with our own incompetence to find methods that work. We know what sticks and what types of errors and defenses are gaining traction in the courts.

Because very few cases make it to trial, the pre-trial phase of the case is an important place to preserve errors for appeal and to start chipping at the prosecution’s theory. This often forces them to offer a lower negotiated plea. This can save you from the risks of trial and the mandatory minimum sentences in federal courts.

Pre-Trial Work

During the pre-trial proceedings, we can preserve a number of issues for appeal. We can challenge the constitutionality of applying laws to novel factual situations in your case. We can also challenge other unfair methods that the prosecution used to produce the case such as entrapment as a matter of law, evidence manipulation, or illegal search and seizure methods.

Our law firm has access to the top experts in the field and can work to effectively test and rebut forensic science reports and other assertions by the prosecution. You may even need a private investigator to figure out the backgrounds and motives of witnesses and what they are being promised in exchange for their testimonies.

We work hard to get you all the Discovery evidence that is owed to you before trial. The prosecution is not allowed to surprise defendants with new evidence and witnesses that put them on the spot to counter claims. In fact, fundamental fairness may even require depositions of witnesses to obtain their full testimony before the trial.

We can then analyze the case and look for holes in the prosecution’s theory. Because the prosecutor’s office handles a heavy caseload, there are almost always violations and errors. They will try to fudge things by using a philosophy that you are just a bad person, for whatever reason, or may look at the financial aspects and care less about your rights. Nothing is ever as black and white as prosecutors try to present issues at trial.

Plea Bargain Negotiations

Once we have put in the hard work to ensure a fair trial, the prosecutor may try to avoid trial. A trial risks an acquittal and creates liability for prosecutors who are overzealous. They can be sued and are then subject to public scrutiny for using unlawful methods. We will weigh the strength of your case and advise you of whether you should accept an offer or not.


If you do go to trial, the prosecutors can try to make unfair statements or may try to confuse the jury. It is our obligation to object and preserve errors that prejudice you and impair the capacity of the jurors to act fairly.



Spodek Law Group have offered me excellent support and advice thru a very difficult time. I feel I've dealt with someone who truly cares and wants the best outcome for you and yours. I'm extremely grateful for all the help Spodek Law Group has offered me. I can't recommend them enough.

~ David Bruce

Spodek Law Group was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. They had been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Spodek Law Group to anyone I meet.

~ Rowlin Garcia

Best service I ever had. Todd is absolutely class personified. You are in the safest hands with spodek. They have their clients interest in mind.

~ Francis Anim

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