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NYC Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

June 28, 2020

Commercial Real Estate in New York City

NYC Litigation Lawyer

  • The challenges presented by state real estate are only understood by experienced and skilled real estate attorneys. We advise you to contact an attorney today whether you are selling or buying residential real estate, or need help with a commercial real estate transaction. Our law office is one of the best real estate law firms in the city. We have a large experience in assisting clients with residential and commercial property sales and purchases.
  • Our reputation was build through hard work, and our legal team is characterized with excellence over many years. We have helped countless clients with their lives’ biggest purchases. We highly recommend that you contact our offices to reach one of our attorneys if you are thinking about engaging in a New York City commercial real estate transaction of any kind.

We will serve you a powerful legal representation concerning all these matters:

  • Condo conversion litigation.
  • Sale and purchase of commercial buildings.
  • Commercial lease agreements.
  • Internet Bank representation.
  • Landlord-tenant lease negotiations.
  • Mortgage Bank representation.
  • Real estate litigation (Including trials and appeals).
  • Real estate contract
  • Mortgage lending referrals.
  • Real estate closings.
  • Purchase and sale of condos, co-ops, or 1-4 family homes.
  • Refinance Transactions.

How a New York City commercial real estate litigation attorney can assist you?

  • If you desire to effectively navigateyour commercial real estate matter, get the help of an attorney who knows how to protect your financial and personal interest. Our firm has assisted thousands of people complete real estate transactions avoiding financial difficulties through compassionate and personalized legal assistance. We guarantee you that your real estate matter that considerably profits you or your business enterprise will be our main priority.

Why should you hire us?

  • We put in immense effort.
  • We master How to Win.
  • Our attorneys dedicate their time and their full energy into every case.
  • Our results speak for us.

Real Estate Litigation FAQ in NYC

Answers given by a NYC Real estate litigation lawyer

  • We have represented a large number of individuals with real estate disputes, and we attempt to always provide an efficient legal guidance. We find it beneficial to answer the most common questions asked by our client because we know that Real estate law can be overwhelmingly complex. If you are puzzled about your situation or you have further questions, we advise you to contact us.

Most common questions about Real estate litigation

Who requires representation in real estate litigation? 

  • Any individual involved in real estate litigation has to reach a skilled and experienced legal representation. Our firm will always be at your service whether you are a tenant, seller, buyer, owner, renter, or any other individual involved in a real estate matter. It is very important that you are being represented by an experienced lawyer to ensure that your desires and needs are fought for and secured.

What problems can be resolved in real estate litigation? 

  • All types of real estate matters have been handled by lawyers in our firm. These matters include: encroachments on property, purchase and sales agreements, trespassing, landlord and tenant disputes, contract disputes, land use issues easements…etc. Numerous types of issues can be treated and resolved by real estate litigation.

Am I eligible to settle my real estate dispute outside of court?

  • Many types of real estate disputes can be dealt without getting involved in litigation. In that case, mediation and negotiation has to be made with other parties involved in the matter that our lawyers have mastered through years. We have experienced winning outside the courts in disputes concerning trespassing, property lines, contracts, noise, joint ownership, and other matters similar to this. It is needless to continue on with litigation if we have found a middle ground or an agreement with other parties. If the involved parties come to an agreement, an attorney will draft a written agreement that is protected by law when both parties sign.

How can a real estate lawyer help when purchasing a property?

  • Hiring an attorney in a real estate transaction is with no doubts very beneficial in various ways. A skilled lawyer will make sure that the seller of the property has a marketable title to it. A lawyer is able to ensure that all assets and structures are within the property boundaries that you are leasing. There must be a full disclosure from the seller, which an experienced attorney will guarantee that it happens. Most times, individual cannot spot problems with the building or the area in which they are purchasing a property. However, an experienced lawyer will detect those problems easily, and warn their clients. An attorney will also assist you with any contracts or paperwork that you get and ensure that your needs and wants are represented.

What is the process of New York City real estate litigation?

  • Each distinctive dispute will be processed differently. Sometimes, Real estate litigation can be a quick and smooth process, other times it is long and devastating. The process becomes much simpler, if parties mediate before going to litigation. When the real estate litigation process begins there will be a plea, and after that a pre-trial meetings. Once all pre-trial matters are resolved, a trial will start wherein the court will decide how to settle the dispute. In case one party is not satisfied with the judgment they can merely file an appeal. The court of law will apply and protect the final judgment when settled.

What other matters can real estate lawyers assist you with other than selling or buying a property?

  • Various kinds of disputes concerning real estate can be assisted by Real estate lawyers. These problems include: zoning issues, neighbor disputes, disputes between landlords and tenants, foreclosures, construction issues, joint ownership problems, or any other problem that appears after purchasing a property. It is highly recommended to be represented in all real estate matters.

New York City Real Estate Litigation Attorney

  • Experience, legal acumen, and extraordinary resources are essential to handle Complex real estate transactions. We efficiently represent clients in exchange transactions and other complex matters involving real estate transactions in New York City. Our attorneys can successfully handle all transactions of all kinds for small or large sophisticated clients in the area of New York City, including; retail and mixed-use properties, retail and mixed-use parcels, condominiums and cooperatives, new construction developments, and other commercial properties.

Skillful Real Estate Attorney in NYC

  • Our experience has allowed us to evolve a successful strategy in structuring the purchase and sale of large-scale developments, lease modifications and negotiations, complex real estate deals including numerous parties, large cooperative refinancing negotiations, complex and intricate commercial transactions, transactions between land trusts, and transactions which ease the exchange of properties and delay the recognition of capital losses or gains due upon sale, along with deferring capital gains taxes on account of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • If your business needs a law firm to carry on their representation in any small or large scale complex real estate transaction in New York City, don’t hesitate to reach us out, and take the time to witness the impact that our attorneys shall make in your transaction. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your state.



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