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El Paso Federal Criminal Lawyers

October 6, 2021
Why You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney For Murder or Homicide Charges in El Paso

Much like other violent offenses, homicide and murder charges can result in hefty fines and lengthy sentences. However, due to the nature of the alleged crime, federal judges and investigators in El Paso take homicide much more seriously than other federal cases.

Are you facing investigation, indictment, or charges for homicide or murder and aren’t sure where to turn? If you’ve been accused of murder, or speculate that you will be soon, it’s time to get a lawyer. Our team of expert federal criminal defense attorneys understand the complex difficulties you and your family are now facing as a result of a homicide investigation. Learn all about what to do next from Spodek Law Group’s defense attorneys in El Paso.

Why You Need a Murder and Homicide Defense Lawyer in El Paso
Navigating the criminal justice system can be complicated on the best of days. Add in federal criminal charges, and it’s the perfect recipe for disaster without an attorney to guide your way. If you’re facing federal criminal charges, you need an attorney to help you through those troubled waters.

Federal Prosecutors Mean Business
You’ve probably noticed that murder and homicide charges are serious enough to make front-page news on a regular basis. Consequently, prosecutors and investigators will go to great lengths to maintain their appearance in the eyes of the public.

Although everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the prosecution team and Attorney General will not rest until they have someone behind bars or until a case has been cleared by another means. This is especially true if the case is high-profile.

Giving the impression of thorough investigation not only helps the prosecution team to keep their jobs, but it works to give the public a sense of safety. Sadly, that’s also the reason that the courts don’t always have your best interest in mind. Discover how a well-respected and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights.

At Spodek Law Group, our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to defending you and your best interests no matter the charges. We’ll back your case with the full force of the law to ensure you receive fair treatment throughout the criminal justice system.

Combined Charges
Because murders and homicides don’t happen in a vacuum, there’s a chance other charges may be involved as well. If you’re looking at federal charges for murder, in addition to drug trafficking, smuggling, robbery, or kidnapping charges, it is vital that you get in touch with an attorney right away.

How the Justice System Can Impact Your Life
Beyond time spent behind bars, the weight of a murder investigation can wreak havoc on your life and the lives of your family members. Being convicted of a federal crime like homicide can make it difficult to obtain safe housing or to retain gainful employment. Not to mention what the investigation will do to your reputation and that of your family.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights For You
On a scale of seriousness, homicide and murder are as big as it gets. Federal investigators pull no stops to get the outcome they want against who they presume is at fault. You’ll run the risk of life in prison and, in worst-case scenarios, the death penalty is a possibility. Other federal crimes, although often serious or violent in nature as well, aren’t usually punished so harshly. A criminal defense lawyer has the full impact of a case at the forefront of their mind.

When it comes to murder or homicide, strategy is crucial to earning the best possible outcome for your case. Depending on the fervor of the prosecutor’s case, we can work with you to use a combination of strategies to strengthen your case. It’s vital that your defense looks at the facts from all angles, including the following possibilities.

Mistaken identity
Is it possible they are investigating the wrong person? Our criminal defense attorneys will work hard to find out.

What if you could plead guilty to lesser charges and not spend the rest of your life in prison? We’ll help you come to your decision after digging through every piece of evidence.

Although most federal judges do their best to follow and enforce the rules, no one is perfect. If there’s a chance we can argue the trial was flawed, we’ll take it.

Illegal search and seizure
Was your person or property illegally searched or obtained for a federal investigation? If the evidence the prosecution is using was illegally gained, we’ll work diligently to ensure that evidence is not admissible throughout your trial.

Certain crimes are arguably committed by those with mental health problems. If that’s the case, an insanity plea may be your best bet.

Unfortunately, accidents really do happen. If there’s a loss of life that you did not intend, we can work with you on creating an accidental death defense.

Sometimes, when a loss occurs, it’s the result of one person protecting themselves. If you were defending yourself prior to that individual’s death, it may be considered self-defense.

Facing the criminal justice system for something minor like a traffic ticket can seem daunting. Don’t face severe issues, such as murder charges, by yourself. If you are facing murder, homicide, or manslaughter charges, you can’t afford to wait. Our criminal defense team knows how devastating it is for you and your family to experience a murder investigation or trial by yourselves. We’re here to help.



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~ David Bruce

Spodek Law Group was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. They had been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Spodek Law Group to anyone I meet.

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