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NYC Faking an Injury Fraud Lawyers

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NYC Faking an Injury Fraud Lawyers

There are times when you might become injured because of the fault of someone else, which would lead to getting some kind of compensation for the injury. This could be in the form of a settlement or in the form of getting your medical bills and lost wages paid. However, if you fake an injury to get money, it’s considered a crime. An attorney can help you get through the criminal allegations, but you need to be willing to admit that the injury was faked and provide necessary documents of any hospital or doctor’s visits to show that there is no injury or that the injury is not as severe as you claimed.

One of the easiest ways to fake an injury is after a car accident. If you have been in a car accident with it clearly being the other person’s fault, you might think that you can exaggerate current medical issues by stating that the pain has increased after the accident. Another way to fake an injury after a car accident is to use an older injury as one that is new. An example would be a back injury. This is common in a lot of people after an accident, especially if there was a lot of force involved with the impact. You might go to the doctor or the hospital to claim that you have severe back pain when the pain has always been there. You can also fake knee injuries, neck and head injuries and muscle strain. While these are issues that one might see after an accident, you need to be able to prove that it happened as a result of being hit.

Another way that people often fake an injury in order to get money is to fall in a store or in a parking lot. If there is no sign at a wet floor, then this is a legitimate claim for most people if you do slip. However, if there is a sign and you move it before falling, then you wouldn’t get any compensation for any injury. After falling, if there is a legitimate reason for falling, you might claim that the injuries that you have sustained are greater than what they really are. Back injuries are commonly reported after falling. You might report that there is a broken bone or that there is a sprain or strained muscles. However, if you report these claims and they aren’t found to be true, then you can be charged.

If you fail to reveal information about an injury, then you could be charged as well. This is found more if you know that there is information that a doctor or insurance company needs to know and you don’t tell them about it once the claim is processed. A soft insurance fraud claim is where you would inflate the injuries that you have. It’s understandable that you want money for your medical bills and pain and suffering, but there is a limit that you shouldn’t go past when reporting any kind of injury that occurs. Hard insurance fraud is when you deliberately do something to get money from the insurance company. It could be intentionally causing an accident, setting your home on fire and being injured by smoke inhalation or being burned or intentionally falling in a parking lot or store.

If you have been charged with faking an injury to get more money from an insurance company, an attorney can help you to get the chargers reduced or to get the sentence reduced. All documentation about the incident needs to be reviewed as well as information about any money that has been received. Most of the time, you would need to pay back the money that you received and perform some kind of probation or other light sentence depending on the severity of the fraud claim.

NYC Faking an Injury Fraud Lawyers

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