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The Department of Education – Investigations Lawyers

If there is one thing that is important to everyone, it’s making sure children obtain a quality education. However, the field of education is highly regulated by state and federal government agencies, which can at times result in problems for students, teachers, and administrators. Because of this, the Department of Education will become involved with investigations where charges of corporal punishment, verbal abuse against students, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other issues are alleged. If you are a student, teacher, or administrator who has been the victim of abuse or discrimination or has been wrongfully accused of an offense, you will need the services of investigations lawyers who specialize in Department of Education matters.

What Happens After an Allegation?
When an allegation is made in an educational setting, it is taken very seriously by all involved. However, there are times when the situation can get out of hand and quickly deteriorate. When this happens, it’s important to have an attorney skilled in these investigations to make sure your rights are fully protected. For example, if you are the party making allegations of abuse or harassment, it’s likely you will face a significant backlash not only from those you may be accusing, but others in the school as well as the community in which you live. When faced with this, you will need an attorney who is willing to take on the challenge and not be afraid to do what is needed to ensure your case is heard in a fair, objective manner. And needless to say, if you are being accused of committing abuse, harassment, or discrimination, you will need an attorney that can plan a defense strategy that will not only keep you out of jail, but also save your career.

Title IX Cases
One of the largest federal rules that schools must comply with, Title IX is a civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Applicable to women as well as homosexual and transgender students, it applies to any school that receives federal funding. Yet while all schools are supposed to comply with Title IX regulations, that is not always the case. Many times, schools will be guilty of violating this rule by committing such acts as denying housing based on sexual orientation, refusing to make appropriate accommodations for pregnant or parenting students, and other incidents of discrimination. In these cases, victims have every right to consult an attorney who is experienced in civil rights and Title IX cases. When these allegations are made, many schools will pull out all the stops to deny any wrongdoing and paint the accuser in a negative light. Hoping to dissuade the victim from pursuing litigation, schools may attempt to use their legal team to make the case stretch out as long as possible. However, if the victim is determined to pursue their case until they win, having a lawyer who understands Title IX and is committed to protecting the constitutional rights of their client is a necessity.

Hiring Issues
One of the biggest complaints within education involves hiring practices of schools, prompting many people to consult a lawyer who has a strong track record of getting results in these cases. Whereas hiring should be based solely on a person’s qualifications and experience, it can boil down to the individual preferences of those doing the hiring. As a result, numerous qualified teachers and administrators find themselves on the outside looking in when attempting to advance their career. Under these circumstances, victims of discrimination need to work with investigations lawyers who have a proven record of success in these cases. By letting the school know their hiring practices will be under intense scrutiny, a lawyer is often able to negotiate a deal that will get their client the results they seek.

Hiring an Investigations Lawyer
Department of Education investigations are not only complex, but can take months or even years to conclude. However, for those victims who need legal representation who will stand with them every step of the way, a qualified investigations lawyer is exactly who is needed. By choosing not to be afraid to take on the system, victims and their lawyers can get the results they want and deserve.

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