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Brooklyn Child Abuse Lawyers

Many Brooklyn residents are arrested and charged with child abuse each day. Many of the people arrested for the crime are placed into custody with good reason. But, some of the child abuse arrests are made without merit. If you are one of the unfortunate few wrongly accused of child abuse, it is time to fight the battle of your life and prove the accusations are false. Spodek Law Group is the Brooklyn criminal defense attorney who defends those falsely charged with the very serious offense of child abuse. With an attorney such as Spodek Law Group handling your defense, your name will soon be free and clear and you can get on with life without worries.


Child Abuse Charges in brooklyn


Why would anyone falsely accuse another person of such a heinous crime? Although some people cannot fathom rhyme or reason, those making such accusations find plenty of reasoning in their actions. They’ve been hurt, or feel they’ve been hurt. They were lied to or used and abused themselves. Why not make up this big story of child abuse and ruin their life? Perhaps it is a past lover who wants a relationship with you, but the feelings are unrequited. This brings out anger in many people and in attempt to hurt you, false accusations are oftentimes made. Regardless of the reason you’ve been falsely accused of child abuse, a criminal defense attorney doesn’t let the mystery go unsolved. Criminal defense attorneys know how to get the truth out and ensure that it is done in a way that your charges are dismissed.


The Truth Shall Set You Free


Literally -when child abuse charges are brought up against you. If you’re convicted of a child abuse charge, it could land you in jail or prison for some time. Other consequences of a child abuse conviction range from extensive fines to probation, anger management classes, and loss of custody of the children. The judge may set conditions for visits with the child if you are convicted, or may require special conditions to regain custody if they’re removed from the home after a charge of child abuse.


Being accused of child abuse is disheartening and puzzling but don’t allow it to get the best of you when a criminal defense attorney like Spodek Law Group is there to ensure the truth is revealed for all to see. A child abuse conviction could affect your life in many ways. It could cause inability to gain rental housing, mortgages, auto loans, or even employment. The conviction could also tarnish your good name forever. Criminal charges are public record, free for anyone with an interest to see. You might be judged by those who don’t really know the truth to the story. Don’t let this happen when it takes nothing more than the expertise of a child abuse criminal defense attorney to keep you out of hot water.


How Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Your Case?


When you’re falsely accused of any crime, particularly one so heinous, you’re filled with an array of emotions, questions, and thoughts. How could this happen? How can you prove your innocence? What are your legal rights? An attorney has the answers that you seek providing assurance that the truth will set you free. But more so, the attorney provides you with peace of mind and assurance that the false accusations won’t turn your life upside down and ruin your good name. A criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn can help you in the following ways and many others:


– Provides a legal defense


– Provides evidence that the accusations are false


– Discredits the opposing side


– Prepares all paperwork


– Helps you better understand the laws surrounding child abuse


– Provides legal guidance and answers to your questions


– Ensures that you are not found guilty before trial, helping your voice be heard when it otherwise might not


– Gives you comfort and peace of mind that your case will be proven and the charges dismissed


Going to court to face child abuse charges is a frightening experience for anyone. The courtroom is filled with onlookers, some of whom may leave thinking that you’ve committed this crime. You’ll face your accuser, family members, friends, and other members of the community. You think of the consequences of being convicted of the crime and what it means for your life. Knots fill your stomach and you’re left with so much wonder and worry. The role of Spodek Law Group is to minimize your fears and give you the guidance needed to win your case. Don’t take a child abuse charge lightly and get the legal expertise that you need.

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