Why businesses should consider using video conferencing

With the adoption of video conferencing on the rise, companies are increasing their methods of staying connected. Plus, with more and more workers working remotely, the need for video conferencing between collaboration platforms has been steadily growing. Although web meetings are one of the best ways for the whole team to connect, it can help not only cut costs but boost work productivity.
Here are the top five benefits your company will experience when using video conferencing in the workplace.

Strengthen Personal Connections

Online videos are one of the best ways for people strengthen personal connections. Even with work meetings, seeing eye to eye, along with body language and facial expressions, can help make communication over video conferencing easier.
Video conferencing also helps businesses record important strategic meetings and training software for new employees.

Connect With Telecommuters

Recent studies have shown that nearly 80 percent of American workers enjoy telecommuting. Having workers who can work productively from home can help save on training new employees, recruiting, and office costs. This is mostly beneficial to small businesses who have less staff and a lower budget.
With web conferencing technology, both remote workers and telecommuters can stay connected with daily operations and new work policies. Additionally, you won’t have to limit yourself in hiring people from one geographical location.

Meet Whenever You Want

Because there is no need to gather people from all around to meet, you can hold meetings more often. With a good video conferencing system, you could hold meetings with people halfway across the globe every day, if you wanted to. This means that you will not have as many restrictions as you would with traditional conferences.
Using web conferencing, you will also be able to schedule meetings with little or no advanced notice. If there is an urgent matter to deal with, you can easily gather the team immediately to handle the issue at hand. This also means that it will be easier for attendants to join meetings on short notice without any travel related issues.

Save Money

This is one of the biggest reasons why your company should use hold video conferences regularly. With travel costs increasing, it can be much harder for businesses to hold meetings with employees and clients who are based elsewhere. With a video conference, however, there is no need to waste money on traveling just to hold a face to face meeting. Any upfront costs will be returned in no time at all.
Because your company is traveling less, you are also reducing your carbon footprint. A recent study actually found that driving for an hour to one meeting utilizes the same amount of power as 1,000 hours of video conferencing. Not only are you cutting down your business expenses by web conferencing, you are also doing your part to save the planet.

Add Visuals To Your Meetings

When traveling to a meeting or holding a phone conference, visuals can be difficult to include. On a video conference, you can include all sorts of visual elements. Demonstrate how to use a new product, write something out on a whiteboard, or introduce a new team member. Video conferences also provide more flexibility and mobility in the visuals that you can share. For instance, you can take your team on a video tour of a new store location. After all, showing somebody something can often be more convincing than just using words to explain.

With so many great benefits that come with using video conferencing, why is your business not using it already? Get started with web conferencing today!