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Covered by New York Times, and other outlets. Fake heiress accused of conning the city’s wealthy, and has an HBO special being made about her.

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People Vs. Genevieve Sabourin

Accused of stalking Alec Baldwin. The case garnered nationwide attention, with USAToday, NYPost, and other media outlets following it closely.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Juror

Juror who prompted calls for new Ghislaine Maxwell trial turns to lawyer who defended Anna Sorokin.

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El Paso Federal Criminal Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | June 21, 2019
(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023)
El Paso Federal Criminal Lawyers
Federal agents and prosecutors are zealous in prosecuting criminal charges against both people and businesses in and around El Paso for a wide variety of offenses. These types of cases might include drug and immigration crimes, conspiracy, money laundering and even crimes involving terrorism. A defendant can face the rest of his or her life in prison and excessive fines. If you’re arrested by federal authorities in or around El Paso, you’re be needing an experienced and effective El Paso federal criminal defense lawyer on your side of the case.
Anticipating the Prosecution’s Moves
We’re passionate about protecting and invoking the rights of every one of our clients in the federal criminal system. Our approach to criminal defense law is aggressive and strategic. Every angle of the prosecution’s case is scrutinized, and we rely heavily on our experience with the U.S. Department of Justice to anticipate what the prosecution will try to do next.
Our Approach to Federal Criminal Defense
Whenever we undertake the representation of a client, our objective is to obtain a satisfactory disposition before actual charges ever get filed. If circumstances don’t allow that, we work at completely dismantling the prosecution’s case. Here are just some of the things that our approach to federal criminal cases includes:
  • Interceding in the Investigation: Once we’re retained, we’re going to let the prosecution know that we’re around and on your side. That avails us to information that we might not otherwise be privy to. We’ll start building your defense with that information.
  • Objective Evaluation: This is when we start holding the prosecution to its burden of proof. We protect and invoke your constitutional rights. We won’t allow misinterpretation or misapplication of the law. Any evidence in your favor will be used in your favor.
  • Obtaining Bond. Only a small minority of people who are charged with federal crimes are flight risks. If you’re charged, we want a reasonable bond set.
  • Working Toward Dismissal: Time and time again, we’ve been successful at getting charges against a client dismissed before trial.
  • Trials: We make the prosecution prove every element of its case against a client. We can give a jury plenty of reasons to find reasonable doubts in the case against you.

El Paso Federal Criminal Lawyers

Types of Crimes
We use this same process in every case that we’re retained on. With our broad range of experience, here are just some of the types of cases that we represent clients in:

When Your Rights Have Been Violated
We have decades upon decades of complex federal criminal defense experience, and we have a strong record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients. We’re not going to recommend a bad plea agreement either. We only recommend such agreements when they’re a viable alternative. Our El Paso federal criminal defense attorneys are going to thoroughly investigate your case and leave no stone unturned. If we believe that your rights have been violated, we’ll be bring a motion to suppress evidence on your behalf. When we take the evidence out of the prosecution’s hands, they’ll be far more amenable to either a plea agreement that operates in your favor or an outright dismissal of the charges against you.
After being arrested, what you may or may not do is important as to how the case develops. Years of your life could be on the line, so it’s pivotal for you to realize that whatever you say or do could be used against you. No matter what federal agents tell you, invoke your right to remain silent. At the same time, invoke your right to contact our offices, and speak with an El Paso federal criminal defense attorney right away. With our extensive experience, we’ll know how to get the best possible resolution of your case.

Key Facts About the El Paso Federal Criminal Lawyers Process

There are basic aspects of the El Paso federal criminal appeals process that are sometimes unclear. This is primarily because the process is not what most people would expect. For starters, most of the time it doesn’t actually involve in-person contact. In fact, approximately 75 percent of cases are resolved on brief. This means parties involved submit briefs that are reviewed by appellate judges who issue a ruling. Yes, there’s the other 25 percent of cases in which oral arguments may be heard, but there is only a slight chance of that happening.
The purpose of aEl Paso federal criminal appeal lawyer is to challenge an order or judgment made by a district court by presenting the alleged legal error or issue to an appellate court. This does not include hearing or re-opening the facts of the case. For clarification, it’s important to know that an appeal and a trial have very little in common, if anything. As mentioned previously, most federal criminal appeals are resolved on brief without there ever being any in-person interaction. This is an aspect of the process that some people find difficult because there’s an assumption that oral arguments will always be made.
When you’re dealing with a district court case, there’s a good chance that a jury, witnesses, and a court reporter will be involved in the process. Not so with a El Paso federal criminal appeal. That’s because federal appellate courts serve a different purpose and they are not courts of record. Their job is to analyze the merits of a case based on the information presented in briefs and sometimes in oral arguments. In other words, it’s not a retrial and no new facts about the case will be heard. However, there is a considerable amount of effort that goes into examining whether any legal errors were made during the trial as alleged.
From a procedural standpoint, a notice of appeal is submitted within ten days of the conviction for the purpose of notifying the appellate and district court of the intention to appeal. Since the process must start quickly, it’s necessary to hire an attorney as soon as possible. This should be an appellate lawyer that’s knowledgeable and experienced; if for no other reason than to ensure they are able to write an exceptional brief. If you work with a lawyer that’s adept at oral arguments, but not writing appellate court briefs, you minimize your chances of winning an appeal. Keep in mind that they will also need to have good research skills given the importance of precedence when dealing with appeals.

El Paso Federal Appeals Lawyers

If you are unable to retain an appellate lawyer or your trial lawyer is unable to represent you during the appeal, you can have them file either a notice of appeal or a pro se notice on your behalf. The purpose of a pro se notice is to inform the court that you will be filing a notice of appeal with the help of counsel. You can actually find a federal notice of El Paso appeal online if it becomes necessary in order to submit the form within the ten day period. Although legal processes can seem complicated and intimidating, it’s relatively easy to submit a notice of appeal.

As you embark upon the appeals process, you should have realistic expectations concerning the amount of time it will take, which can be anywhere from months to years. Keep in mind that the process requires appellate judges to review many of the case files in order to make a decision about whether a legal error occurred. There are hundreds of cases reviewed and most of them will take a considerable amount of time. If you want to get an estimate on the approximate timeframe, you can get general information through the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. While it takes an average of a year to receive a ruling, the timeframe varies depending on where you’re located.

Why You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney For Murder or Homicide Charges in El Paso
Much like other violent offenses, homicide and murder charges can result in hefty fines and lengthy sentences. However, due to the nature of the alleged crime, federal judges and investigators in El Paso take homicide much more seriously than other federal cases.
Are you facing investigation, indictment, or charges for homicide or murder and aren’t sure where to turn? If you’ve been accused of murder, or speculate that you will be soon, it’s time to get a lawyer. Our team of expert federal criminal defense attorneys understand the complex difficulties you and your family are now facing as a result of a homicide investigation. Learn all about what to do next from Spodek Law Group’s defense attorneys in El Paso.
Why You Need a Murder and Homicide Defense Lawyer in El Paso
Navigating the criminal justice system can be complicated on the best of days. Add in federal criminal charges, and it’s the perfect recipe for disaster without an attorney to guide your way. If you’re facing federal criminal charges, you need an attorney to help you through those troubled waters.
Federal Prosecutors Mean Business
You’ve probably noticed that murder and homicide charges are serious enough to make front-page news on a regular basis. Consequently, prosecutors and investigators will go to great lengths to maintain their appearance in the eyes of the public.
Although everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the prosecution team and Attorney General will not rest until they have someone behind bars or until a case has been cleared by another means. This is especially true if the case is high-profile.
Giving the impression of thorough investigation not only helps the prosecution team to keep their jobs, but it works to give the public a sense of safety. Sadly, that’s also the reason that the courts don’t always have your best interest in mind. Discover how a well-respected and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights.
At Spodek Law Group, our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to defending you and your best interests no matter the charges. We’ll back your case with the full force of the law to ensure you receive fair treatment throughout the criminal justice system.
Combined Charges
Because murders and homicides don’t happen in a vacuum, there’s a chance other charges may be involved as well. If you’re looking at federal charges for murder, in addition to drug trafficking, smuggling, robbery, or kidnapping charges, it is vital that you get in touch with an attorney right away.
How the Justice System Can Impact Your Life
Beyond time spent behind bars, the weight of a murder investigation can wreak havoc on your life and the lives of your family members. Being convicted of a federal crime like homicide can make it difficult to obtain safe housing or to retain gainful employment. Not to mention what the investigation will do to your reputation and that of your family.
How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights For You
On a scale of seriousness, homicide and murder are as big as it gets. Federal investigators pull no stops to get the outcome they want against who they presume is at fault. You’ll run the risk of life in prison and, in worst-case scenarios, the death penalty is a possibility. Other federal crimes, although often serious or violent in nature as well, aren’t usually punished so harshly. A criminal defense lawyer has the full impact of a case at the forefront of their mind.
When it comes to murder or homicide, strategy is crucial to earning the best possible outcome for your case. Depending on the fervor of the prosecutor’s case, we can work with you to use a combination of strategies to strengthen your case. It’s vital that your defense looks at the facts from all angles, including the following possibilities.
Mistaken identity
Is it possible they are investigating the wrong person? Our criminal defense attorneys will work hard to find out.
What if you could plead guilty to lesser charges and not spend the rest of your life in prison? We’ll help you come to your decision after digging through every piece of evidence.
Although most federal judges do their best to follow and enforce the rules, no one is perfect. If there’s a chance we can argue the trial was flawed, we’ll take it.
Illegal search and seizure
Was your person or property illegally searched or obtained for a federal investigation? If the evidence the prosecution is using was illegally gained, we’ll work diligently to ensure that evidence is not admissible throughout your trial.
Certain crimes are arguably committed by those with mental health problems. If that’s the case, an insanity plea may be your best bet.
Unfortunately, accidents really do happen. If there’s a loss of life that you did not intend, we can work with you on creating an accidental death defense.
Sometimes, when a loss occurs, it’s the result of one person protecting themselves. If you were defending yourself prior to that individual’s death, it may be considered self-defense.
Facing the criminal justice system for something minor like a traffic ticket can seem daunting. Don’t face severe issues, such as murder charges, by yourself. If you are facing murder, homicide, or manslaughter charges, you can’t afford to wait. Our criminal defense team knows how devastating it is for you and your family to experience a murder investigation or trial by yourselves. We’re here to help.

El Paso federal criminal lawyers specialize in defending clients against a wide range of federal offenses, from drug and immigration crimes to money laundering and terrorism. They anticipate the prosecution’s moves, building a strong defense to the case using years of experience with the U.S. Department of Justice. They work towards dismissal of the case before the trial, and make the prosecution prove every element of the case against the accused. The El Paso federal criminal lawyers handle cases such as drug crimes, conspiracies, health care fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, human trafficking, and computer crimes. If they believe the rights of the accused have been violated, they file a motion to suppress evidence, reducing the prosecution’s case against the client.

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