What To Do If You Are Accused of Drug Diversion or Stealing Drugs

Many employers often report nurses and other health care professionals, when there is suspected drug diversion, or if there is failure to properly document any administration of medication that involved the Pyxis system, or other narcotic delivery systems. Employers, rely heavily on Pyxis printouts in order to document medications which are dispensed. Due to errors both human and technologies, sometimes the Pyxis system, or MAR, may not properly state how much medication was dispensed/administered/wasted.

If you’re accused of drug diversion, or stealing drugs, by your employer, then we encourage you to call us immediately. When your employer threatens you, you’ll probably get called into a meeting with a supervisor, or pharmacy staff. When this happens, we encourage you not to contact the HPRP, IPN, or PRN, until you speak to licensing attorney. Even if you did divert medicine, you are entitled to a defense. If you are asked to provide a drug screen – be aware that refusing it will be result in a Summary Suspension, or an Emergency Suspension Order.

Our professional licensing lawyers can work with you, and your employer, in order to ensure the facts of your case are reviewed and respected. We’ll work to help ensure a proper defense is created. Often, the error is due to the hospital’s machinery, or procedures and not yours. Often, the issue is not illegal drug diversion, but simply mistakes, improper documentation, or other negligence in machinery. You have options. We encourage you to contact our law firm immediately.