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Weapon Crimes Lawyers

Weapon crimes can be very serious and have significant consequences. Because of this, if you are accused of a weapons crime, you should contact a weapon crimes lawyer for legal advice. A criminal defense attorney with experience representing clients charged with weapon crimes will be able to advise you of the potential outcomes and what to expect. A weapon crimes lawyer can represent you during the case and advocate on your behalf. A weapon crimes lawyer can provide assistance for a variety of weapon crimes, including illegal possession of weapons and situations where charges are enhanced due to use of a weapon.

In order to be arrested or charged with a weapons crime, there must be probable cause for the allegations. The police must establish sufficient evidence to support the elements of the crime alleged. If you are charged and the evidence is insufficient, then a weapon crimes lawyer may be able to have the charges reduced or possibly dismissed. A weapon crimes lawyer will be able to review your case to determine whether law enforcement had probable cause for the arrest.

A weapon crimes lawyer can also review your case to see if evidence should be excluded. If police violated your constitutional rights in obtaining certain items of evidence, then the evidence can be suppressed and excluded from consideration in your case. This can arise when an unreasonable search results in discovery of evidence. For example, if the police search a vehicle without consent or other reasons and discover a firearm, then the evidence of the firearm may be excluded from consideration. If the evidence cannot be considered, then it may make the case difficult for the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

In order to be convicted of a weapons crime, the prosecution must establish evidence to prove several different legal elements. Some of these elements are specifically defined. If the facts of your case do not meet the legal definitions, then the case should be dismissed. A weapon crimes lawyer will be able to explain to you the legal elements required for your case and whether the alleged facts meet those elements.

Persons facing weapon charges should be aware of the consequences that may result from a weapons crime conviction. In addition to jail, fines and probation, a conviction may result in limitations on your ability to possess weapons in the future. A conviction may result in a waiver of certain civil rights, such as the right to vote. A conviction may also adversely impact your employment and other opportunities in the future. A weapon crimes lawyer can explain to you the possible consequences associated with the particular weapons crime that you are facing.

If you are under investigation for a weapons crime, you should invoke your right to be represented by an attorney as soon as possible. By having representation from an attorney, you will have someone looking out for your interests and protecting your rights.

If you have already been charged with a weapons crime, seek out a weapon crimes lawyer for legal representation. A criminal defense lawyer can appear with you in court and speak on your behalf. Because you have the right to remain silent, you do not have to testify in court or otherwise incriminate yourself. A weapon crimes lawyer can argue your defense in court and raise objections when the prosecution tries to disobey the rules. A weapon crimes lawyer can call witnesses on your behalf and cross examine the witnesses presented by the prosecution. A criminal defense lawyer will make sure your rights are protected and that the prosecution does not try to cheat you out of a fair case.

In some situations, a criminal defense lawyer can negotiate a plea agreement to resolve the case without the need to go to trial. They will make sure you understand the agreement and will strive to make a fair arrangement.

The weapon crimes lawyers at Spodek Law Group, PC have experience representing those who have been charged with weapon crimes in New York. They know what it takes to have a case dismissed and can represent you in your case. Call Spodek Law Group, PC to schedule an appointment if you are facing a weapons crime.

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