Anyone hoping to serve or sell alcohol in their New York business must apply for a liquor license from the state prior to beginning the sale and/or service of any alcoholic beverage. State laws require these licenses are displayed in all businesses at all times, and they must be up-to-date and valid. It’s against federal law to sell or provide alcohol to anyone at a place of business without a license, and that’s just the beginning of New York’s strict liquor laws. The state also requires all residents adhere to the laws regarding the age of any patron looking to purchase alcohol in any establishment.

If you’re opening a business, buying one that’s already in business, or hoping to begin the service of liquor sales in your existing business expansion, it’s time to hire an attorney to help you with the process. The liquor license application is long, it’s complicated, and the process is made even lengthier when the application is improperly filled out and returned to the state. Rather than risking denial, you want to hire an attorney who can fill out the paperwork on your behalf without any mistakes or inconsistencies.

Temporary Liquor License Permits

The State of New York is serious about their liquor license laws, and this applies to temporary permits. Rather than making business owners wait months to obtain a license, there are a few rules in place that might allow you to earn a temporary license while you sell and serve alcohol during the application process. This is not something that’s available to any or everyone. A temporary liquor license is only available to someone who purchases an existing business with a liquor license already in place.

Unlike many other states, the State of New York does not allow its patrons to transfer existing liquor licenses to other businesses or owners. If you buy a restaurant, for example, that already has a liquor license in place, you do not get to buy the license. It is not included in the sale of the business, and you may not use it. You may, however, ask your lawyer to file paperwork for a temporary license so you don’t have to shut down or change the business at all while you wait for your own license application to pull through.

It’s imperative you do this right away. Do not wait until the sale of the business, even if it’s a waist training business, is complete and you are the official owner. Have your attorney begin drafting the paperwork for a temporary liquor license permit the moment you place an offer on the business and the sale is being finalized. You want the temporary license in place the moment you open the doors as the new owner, and you do not want the interruption of liquor sales and service to occur.

Your temporary license is only valid for a predetermined amount of time. You must know ahead of time how long you can use it, what you can use it for, and when the license is no longer valid. Your business faces serious consequences if you continue to sell liquor or serve it to anyone after the temporary license expires if your new one has yet to arrive. Your attorney’s job is to figure all of this out for you so that you’re not forced to spend time wondering how much longer you can do business.

Call an Attorney

If you are applying for a liquor license in New York, you must get a temporary beforehand or risk running your business in a way that patrons don’t appreciate. Let an attorney help you with this to expedite the process. Even one small mistake in your application can push the license process back and interrupt your business. Let someone who knows the law and how to properly fill out the application do it for you. It’s not just helpful to you because you don’t have to sit down and fill out all this paperwork. It’s helpful to you when it’s done correctly, and your attorney’s help can make the process go faster and much smoother. That’s good news in New York’s liquor license application law.

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