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Staten Island DWI Lawyers

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Staten Island DWI Lawyers

It is imperative that you contact Staten Island DWI Lawyers as soon as you have been arrested. Our staff of professionals is experienced and dedicated to taking care of you. DUI charges are very serious and can cause a lot of stress in your life. You will be worried about what happens to your driver’s license, car, and your criminal record. Acting quickly is the only course of action.

When you contact our Staten Island DWI Lawyers right away, we can work with you to evaluate your case and build a defense. The sooner you contact our offices, the sooner we can start working on our comprehensive and aggressive approach to handling your case. We specialize in working with people from New York City who have been charged with impaired driving.

If you are ever pulled over and charged with DUI, remember you have the right to speak with legal counsel. Exercise your rights and contact the experts. When you speak with Staten Island DWI Lawyers, we will get you counsel that you need to protect your rights.

If you are questioned with respect to possibly driving under the influence, it is important you contact a lawyer before speaking with law enforcement. Anything you say or do during questioning can be used against you in a trial. The expert counsel from Staten Island DWI Lawyers will make sure that you tell investigators only what is absolutely pertinent. This will significantly help your case reach a successful conclusion.

A DUI conviction can have a significant and negative impact on your life. The punishments can range from fines to jail time to community service to license suspension, depending on the number of convictions. The experienced professionals at Staten Island DWI Lawyers will help you avoid harsh penalties. Working with you, we guide you through all the DUI-related factors and elements, such as dealing with the DMV. We understand that you are not familiar with the process your case will follow and we will assist you through every step of it.

Dealing with experienced professionals through the process in critical. Our Staten Island DWI Lawyers understand all the intricacies associated with an impaired driving charge and provide legal counsel accordingly. Each DUI case is unique and our approach is tailor-made to suit your situation. We treat individuals throughout the DUI process with respect and consideration, making your needs our top priority.

This is the most respected and qualified lawyer in the New York territory. When you deal with DWI attorneys, they are the most competent lawyers, and it most cases they win it. This is where victory is found, and where they win their case. There is nothing more complex of the DWI cases, and they do nothing then plea out their case. They strive to learn more about the DWI case, as they have been trained and certified lawyers to offer this. They have successfully completed the course with the DWI defense attorneys, have been through with breath testing and the procedures, and has been certified in the field testing.

This is a criminal offense as your life will change forever, and driving home after a few drinks can change your life. This is a felony, and at your hearing the judge will ask that you stay away from your family. With the DWI, the criminal defense attorney who is trained in defeating the charges, ask that the charges be dropped. Hiring the right lawyer to defend your case is really important to you and your family. This is where you can make the choice of hiring a lawyer to defend you, this is because the seriousness of driving while you are intoxicated is a serious offense. This is where you can make the decision of hiring an attorney, as this is important decision of your life. They can help you with the charges that you have been dealt with.

Experience is the main reason why you need to call us. They have represented a lot of DUI cases, and they have won them. They have protected hundreds of DUI cases, and our goal is not to take the plea deal right away, and there is a chance to get the charges dismissed or weekend. They try to get every case dismissed, and they try to get the best possible deal. They try to win your case at the trial, and they try to work on your behalf. This allows us to become familiar with your case, and allows us to have plenty of time to defend your case. They know what it takes to lesson the charges, and every call is answered by a New York DWI lawyer.

Drunk Driving in Staten Island is a serious offense. Even a most basic offense can bring up to one year in jail and significant fees. However, there are defenses and options available if you’re facing a DWI charge.

Understanding the charges against you

You might be charged with driving while intoxicated under one of two theories. The first theory is that you’re over the legal limit to drive. The second theory is that alcohol or drugs impaired your ability to drive.

Over the legal limit

The legal limit in New York is a .08. That means that if you operate a motor vehicle with a bodily alcohol content of .08 or more per 210 liters of breath or per 100 milliliters of blood, you’re automatically a drunk driver in the state of New York. It doesn’t matter if the alcohol influences your ability to drive or not. Even if you can still drive perfectly, you’ve broken New York’s DWI laws.

The legal limit is lower for a commercial driver. They face significant penalties if they’re caught with a blood alcohol content of .04 or higher. For a driver under the age of twenty-one, the legal limit is a .02. Any time a driver under twenty-one drives with a blood alcohol content of a .02 or higher, they face a criminal conviction that comes with a long suspension of their operator’s license. In cases of repeat offenses, they might face a license suspension until they reach age twenty-one.

Ability to drive impaired

The other way to be a drunk driver is to operate a motor vehicle while your ability to drive is impaired by the use of alcohol, drugs or both. At this time there’s no specific legal limit for drugs. Rather, the state must prove that the drugs impacted your ability to drive. You can also face charges under a theory that you operated a vehicle under a combination of drugs and alcohol.

More serious charges

In some cases, there are reasons that you might face a more serious charge than basic drunk driving. If you have a very high blood alcohol level, you can face a charge of aggravated drunk driving. The legal limit to face an aggravated charge is a .18. You still face a year in jail, but you face a year-long suspension of your operator’s license instead of six months. You also face increased fines.

Prior offenses are another reason that your drunk driving charges may be more serious. Even one prior offense in the previous ten years can turn a misdemeanor drunk driving charge into a felony that’s punishable by up to four years in jail. A repeat Staten Island DWI charge is also much more likely to result in significant jail time. A third offense within ten years is a seven-year felony. Repeat offenses bring at least one year for a license suspension.

Possible outcomes

The exact sentence for your drunk driving conviction depends on the circumstance of the offense. The judge has the discretion to impose what they believe is an appropriate penalty. That makes it important to work with a Staten Island DWI attorney to put your best foot forward no matter what stage of the proceedings you’re facing. The judge hears from the state as well as from your attorney in order to fashion the most appropriate remedy.

Possible penalties include jail time or probation. You may have to complete a term of probation that may include community service and rehabilitative programs such as counseling and alcohol testing. You have to pay fines.

Defenses to the charges

A person isn’t necessarily guilty of DWI just because the state’s attorney accuses them of it. Instead, it’s up to the state to prove to a jury’s satisfaction that you’re guilty of the charges against you. You have the right to testify on your own behalf, call witnesses and present evidence.

There are a number of defenses that might call the state’s case into question. If you’re charged under an operating impaired theory, there might not be conclusive evidence that your ability to drive was affected by alcohol. Your attorney can demand video evidence that exists in order to question law enforcement testimony.

Other common defenses include examining law enforcement’s work when it comes to giving you a chemical test. There are a number of protocols that law enforcement must follow when they administer a breath test. They must make sure that you don’t have anything in your mouth and that you don’t vomit prior to taking the test. They must periodically check their machines for accuracy. If they don’t do these things, the result can be dismissal of the case against you.

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Staten Island DWI Lawyers

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