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Staten Island Deportation Lawyers

Reasons for Immigrating to the United States

There are many reasons why you might have decided to immigrate to the United States from your home country. You might have moved here with your parents or other family members when you were very young, and it might be the only home that you have ever known.

Alternatively, you might have moved to the United States as an adult. You may have done so because you have a spouse, children or both here. You might have done so because you wanted to open a business or because you secured a job. You may have just come here with very little money and a lot of big dreams just so that you could escape the conditions in your home country.

Facing Deportation: What You Can Do

Regardless of why you might have come to the United States in the first place, you might be feeling positively devastated if you are facing deportation. You might feel helpless and as if there is nothing that you can do about the situation, but this does not have to be the case. By hiring Staten Island deportation lawyers, you can fight against deportation and can help increase your chances of being able to stay in the United States.

You May Be Able to Fight Your Case

If you are facing deportation, then you might assume that there is nothing that you can do. Instead, you could be currently trying to come to grips with the idea that you may have to leave the United States, even though you don’t want to.

However, this is not necessarily the case. There are various ways that attorneys can defend you and help you reserve the ability to remain in Staten Island or elsewhere in the United States. Of course, whether or not this is possible and how your lawyer will defend you will depend on various factors that are related to your case.

To help us help you, make sure that you schedule an appointment with us so that you can come in and talk to our team of Staten Island deportation lawyers. Then, we will ask you some questions to help us get a better feel for what is going on with your case. Don’t be afraid to tell us the truth when talking to us; by being honest about your situation, we can help get a better idea of what you are facing and can work on coming up with a defense strategy to help you stay in the United States. Do not hesitate to do this; the longer that we have to work on your case, the better, so schedule an appointment for your consultation right away for best results.

There Might Be Alternatives to Deportation

In some cases, we are not able to help our clients stay in the United States. However, this does not mean that it’s not worthwhile to work with an attorney. We may be able to offer alternatives to you, such as the ability to leave on your own rather than being ordered to do so. This can give you time to get your affairs in order and can also help you improve the possibility that you might be able to legally come to the United States in the future.

We Can Provide Support During This Difficult Time

Regardless of why you might be in the United States, you might have established a life here, and you might be hoping that you can stay in the Staten Island area. If you are dealing with immigration issues, then you might be dealing with a massive amount of stress and fear. During this time, you should not have to feel as if you are alone. Instead, you should work with a team of Staten Island deportation lawyers who can help you through the process. Then, you will have professionals who are on your side and who will help talk to you about each aspect of your case. This can help you understand what is happening and know what to expect along the way, and it can help you ensure that you are fighting for your ability to stay in the United States in the best way possible.

As you can see, your situation does not have to be desperate just because your are facing deportation or other immigration issues. There are people out there who can help you. Contact us to find out more about our legal services and our law firm. We can also set up an appointment to have a consultation with you to discuss your case and to help you fight for your ability to stay in the United States.

Understanding Immigration Law and Deportation

Each year thousands of people come into the United States from other countries. Should one of these people commit a crime or cross into the United States illegally; they may be deported. This is something that can also happen to a permanent immigrant resident. There are certain criminal offenses that enable a person to be deported. Should a person in this situation not handle it correctly, they may be removed from the United States.

No Statute Of Limitations

There is no statute of limitations when it comes to immigration law. It is possible for an immigrant to be charged with a crime from the past no matter how long ago it occurred. An immigrant may even be charged with a crime that has since became legal from the time the immigrant committed it. No matter how old the crime, it can be used as a way to detain or depart an immigrant.


Should a person who is not a United States citizen have a criminal conviction or similar circumstance; they could be deported. Should a person in this situation plead guilty or no contest; they have admitted guilt to committing the crime. In this situation, these may all handled as convictions for the purposes of deportation.

Moral Turpitude

Should an immigrant plead guilty to or be convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude; they can be deported. Federal Regulations of the United States have defined this offense as being any act performed by an individual that goes against good moral values, honesty, justice as well as acts of vileness, baseness, and depravity. This could involve child abuse, rape, robbery, theft, spousal abuse, incest and more.

Aggravated Felony

Being convicted of an aggravated felony can result in a criminal deportation. This type of crime includes burglary, murder, money laundering, drug trafficking, sexual abuse and more. An immigrant with a charge listed as an aggravated felony will need to speak with a criminal defense attorney as well as a criminal immigration attorney.

Detention And Deportation

This is required for many criminal offenses. In many cases, there won’t be a hearing where a judge will consider the circumstances of an immigrant’s situation prior to making a decision. A judge will need to make an order of deportation and not consider any humanitarian or mitigating circumstances. It is possible for an immigrant to be incarcerated for years and not provided the opportunity for bond. They will be required to fight their deportation from behind bars.

Violating Immigration Status

This can happen when an immigrant is found to have been found inadmissible at the time they entered the United States. It can also happen when it is established an immigrant failed to maintain resident status and had actual residency elsewhere. Should someone remain in the United State longer than permitted, or enter it without inspection; they could be found to be in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Threat To National Security

An immigrant will be subject to criminal deportation if they are found guilty of engaging in any type of activity associated with sabotage, terrorism, espionage, exportation of sensitive information, goods or technology in violation of United States law. Deportation will result when an immigrant is found guilty of engaging in any activity that threatens public safety, national security or is designed to overthrow the government using unlawful methods and more.

Illegal Immigration

It is against federal law to improperly gain entry into the United States. Improper entry is defined in 8 U.S. Code Section 1325. This could consist of entering at a place not designed as a legal entry point by immigration officers. This is a place where people coming into the United States are not able to be examined by immigration officers. It is also illegal for people coming into the United States to make false or misleading statements to gain entry into the country. It is possible for an immigrant found guilty of violating 8 U.S. Code Section 1325 to be incarcerated for as long as six months and required to pay a fine. Should someone be convicted of this for a second time, they could be incarcerated for up to 24 months.

There are many times when an immigrant is facing deportation. They are going to be subject to removal proceedings because they’ve been arrested or have a criminal conviction. This is a time to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney. In some cases, it is also good to speak with a criminal immigration attorney. They will analyze the facts of a person’s case. An effective legal defense can then be devised for the best possible outcome.

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