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Reinstatement of a New York Drivers License

Reinstatement of a New York Drivers License

Driving in the state of New York is a privilege. It is a privilege that can be taken away from any driver for a number of reasons. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend an individual’s driving privileges for a number of reasons. The suspension of a person’s driver’s license can be the result of everything from alcohol and drug violations to DMV road test failure, vehicular homicide, criminal negligence, driving while ability impaired (DWAI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) and more. If you have a Long Island car lease, this can be impacted as well.

Types OF Driver License Suspensions
When a driver loses their driving privileges for a specific period of time, it is called a suspension. There are a number of different types of suspensions.

Indefinite Suspension
This is when a person will not be permitted to drive until they have completed certain requirements. The suspension will be in place until these requirements are completed. This can happen when a person doesn’t pay a court fine, fails to respond to a court summons or file an accident report. This can also happen when a person does not pay child support or has not paid their New York State taxes, did not have liability insurance on their vehicle and more.

Out-Of-State Ticket Suspension
This type of suspension can result from a New York driver failing to respond to an out-of-state moving violation.

Traffic Accident Suspension
A person’s behavior during a vehicle accident could result in their driver license being suspended.

Definite Suspension
This could result from a New York driver being convicted of a driving charge involving drugs or alcohol. They may have received too many traffic tickets within a specified amount of time. A person may not have followed the rules associated with being a junior driver and more.

Administrative Hearing
A person may be required to attend an administrative hearing concerning their driver license suspension. Any individual attending such a hearing will be presumed to be innocent until they have been proven guilty. Should a person plead “not guilty” to a moving violation or other traffic offense, their case will be sent to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). They will make a determination of guilt or innocence in the case. An ALJ has the authority to suspend or revoke a person’s New York drivers license as well as their vehicle’s registration.

Driving On A Suspended License
Once a driver in the state of New York has their driver’s license suspended, they are not permitted to drive. They are also required to turn their New York driver’s license over to the DMV. Should someone be caught by law enforcement driving with a license that has been suspended, they could be put in jail. They could have their vehicle impounded and be required to pay a fine of up to $5,000.

Restricted License
It is possible for a person who has a suspended license to continue driving. They would have to apply for and be granted a restricted license. A restricted license is limited and permits a person with a suspended license to only drive from their home to school or work. They may also be permitted to transport their child to school or daycare. They could also be permitted to drive to and from court or the DMV. A person may also be permitted to travel to and from a medical facility as well as limited business related trips.

It is possible for a person to have their suspended New York driver’s license restored once the entire suspension time has been satisfied. Other requirements could involve paying a suspension termination fee. It may also involve paying any outstanding fines and more.

Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee
When a traffic conviction results in a person having their driver’s license suspended, they will be required to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee for their license to be reinstated. When the time comes, the DMV will mail the driver a statement containing the minimum amount they must pay. Payment of this fee can be made by mail, online or at a New York DMV office in person.

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