NYC Public Corruption Crimes Lawyers

Most recently, law enforcement individuals and prosecutors are spending immense resources scrutinizing public officials, public servants, and lobbyists. There is a well established and perceived chain between public elected officials, and lobbyists.  Much of the public is expecting investigations into these corruption scandals. We have seen governors, mayors, and councilmen, overreach and be prosecuted recently. This is happening in NYC, New Jersey, and the entire tri-state area. There are public officials who are abusing their power, and taking bribes and demanding kickbacks. In some cases innocent public servants take the blame. Many dedicated public employees have been put under the microscope, without cause.

Sometimes, employees are investigated due to their relationships with elected officials and lobbyists. An innocent gift, or activity, between friends and colleagues may be frowned upon – or worse, look at as a form of official corruption. There are defenses to these situations – and our criminal defense law firm can help. If accused, many will rush to judgement on your actions – and ask questions later. As a result, it’s crucial you get skilled legal help – who can help you navigate the federal system. Our federal criminal defense lawyers can help you navigate the complexities associated with public corruption scandals and cases. We can help protect your name, and reputation. Whether you’re an elected official, an employee, or a lobbyist – we can help. We have the knowledge, skills, experiencer, and dedication – to give you the strongest possible legal defense.

In many cases, the federal government will try to prosecute you under the “honest services,” theory of fraud. This is based on the premise that elected servants have a duty to give honest services, and by violating that – they have committed fraud. In the case United States v. Skilling, the Courts weakened that — by stating that “honest services,” pertains to bribery and kickback schemes – and not all decision making. This is one form of defense, that can be used in public corruption scandals.

Typically, federal corruption cases are prosecuted as federal crimes. Below are some of the crimes you may be accused of committing.

-Wire Fraud: Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343

-Mail Fraud: Title 18, United States Code, Section 1341

-Securities Fraud: Title 18, United States Code, Section 1348

-Bribery of Public Officials: Title 18, United States Code, Section 201

-Illegal Campaign Finance Contributions: Title 2, United States Code, Section 441a

-False Statements to a Federal Law Enforcement Official: Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001


Due to the fact federal cases are handled differently than normal cases – often you’ll face trumped up charges. Your livelihood and reputation is at stake. You need to protect yourself with a trusted criminal defense law firm like Raiser & Kenniff, PC.