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How Soon Will Your Money Being Dispersed After A Judgment Or Settlement?

April 3, 2022 Personal Injury Lawyers

The money that you receive from a judgment or settlement is not instant cash you get from a check. Every settlement and judgment has its own parameters, and you must allow the justice system to tell you when your money will be handed out. Our attorneys help move this process along, but we cannot will money existence. Our attorney will advice you of your rights in each case, and we will help ensure you receive your money in a timely manner.

#1: Settlements

Settlements that are reached out of court are not bound by the rules of the court. our attorney and the attorney for the defendant will come to an agreement that you will sign off on, and we will not approve until a deal until you are satisfied. The settlement itself is a total dollar figure that the defendant agrees to pay in a binding contract, but how the money is paid must be determined at the bargaining table.

Money from settlements may be paid in one lump sum, or you may request periodic payments that come to you from the defendant. The two sides must come to an agreement before the settlement can be reached, and the defendant must abide by the terms of the settlement once it is reached. The court will not get involved unless you must sue at a later time for lack of payment.

The paperwork for your settlement will be used in future legal proceedings, and we will ensure you are protected if a defendant claims the settlement agreement is not met. Allow us to handle the defendant and any future communications to avoid trouble with the settlement you have reached.

#2: How Does The Money Come In?

The money that comes in from a settlement will be handled by attorneys in our office. We use special escrow accounts that will send the money directly to you, and you will not be left wondering where your money is. Our attorneys monitor each account for proper payment, and we will send out letters of notice to any defendants who do not meet their payment obligations.

We do not take any money from you when your case is pending, but we do accept payment after your case is finalized. Our payments come from the settlement payments, and we send you a record of each transaction. We work to create an environment of total transparency, and you may see the records for your escrow account at any time.

We are very careful with your money, and we are aware of the tax implications of the settlements you receive. We document every payment that is made for your records, and we will help you understand how to file the settlement on your taxes. The IRS wants to know where the money came from, and we have the documentation needed to file your year-end tax return. We have never left a client without the paperwork needed to appease the IRS.

#3: Court Judgments

Court judgments are completely different from settlements. A settlement is a number that you both agreed upon when the deal was reached. A judgment reached by the court is a number a judge chose to penalize the defendant, and the defendant is subject to the rules of the court once the judgment has been made.

The payments are made through the court, and your money come from the court system. Our attorneys do not watch the judgment money, but we do not ensure the court is sending you the proper amount every month or year. Defendants who do not make payments are penalized by the court, and you will receive notice when payments are missed.

Judges are very busy, and they work out deals that will get through the court system quickly. You may not agree with the payment arrangements that are made, but you must trust us to work with the judge on a payment plan that benefits you. Our goal is to help you, but we must work within the bounds of the court system to offer assistance.

#4: How Long Might Payment Take?

Payments may not come through for a few months after a case is settled depending on the arrangements reached with the defendant. We will inform you of the payment timetable once an agreement has been reached, and we will work with the court on the payment plan arranged by the judge.

A judge’s duty is to enforce the rules of the court, but a judge cannot force someone to pay money they do not have. Time may be set aside for a defendant to come up with the money needed to pay you, and the judge will inform you of arrangements that have been made. You may not agree with the arrangements, and we will file a petition on your behalf to speed up the payment process.

Our law offices are committed to bring you the payment you deserve for injuries you have suffered, but we cannot cause a judge or defendant to pay money that does not exist. Please bear with us as we work on payment arrangements that will stabilize your family’s finances. You may not know when the money is coming, but we can assure that the money will be paid in due time.

#5: Why Choose Our Offices?

Our law firm is the best place to go when you must file a complaint against someone for personal injury. The settlements that we reach are designed to pay you the money you deserve, but we must work with the defendant to create a payment plan that works for everyone.

You may contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week with questions, and we will help you with a free consultation. Our customer service is the best in the industry, and we will ensure you are given the money you deserve. Our attorneys are duty-bound to assist you, and we will not rest until you receive the remuneration you need to help support your family.



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