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NYC Property Damage Litigation Lawyers

Since ours is not a perfect world, at some point various types of property will sustain damage. Whether it’s a car accident, vandalism, or even a natural disaster such as fire or flood, it’s important to have a clear understanding of New York property litigation law. No matter whether your property has been damaged by an individual or from other outside forces, you deserve compensation. Because of this, it’s very important to work with New York City property damage litigation lawyers who handle these cases each day, and have the experience and knowledge needed to help you come out on top in these complex cases. If you find yourself in need of property damage litigation, here are some important details you should keep in mind.
Property Damage Expertise
No matter the type of property that has been damaged, an experienced property damage litigation attorney will not only use their knowledge of the law in your case, but also enlist the expertise of individuals with knowledge in certain fields, such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, fire science and arson, and accident reconstruction. Potentially very significant in helping to prove your case, these experts can lend a tremendous amount of credibility to your case, and often be the deciding factor in helping you gain the compensation you deserve.
Property Damage and the Construction Industry
When property damage cases are brought before a court, many of them involve issues related to building construction. Whether you own a building, are an owner of a construction company, or a contractor on a project, numerous factors beyond your control can result in property damage. Some of the most common include negligence, weather issues, professional malpractice, or employees who may deliberately sabotage a project. Whatever the case may be, if something goes wrong on the job site, it’s vital to hire the services of a skilled property damage litigation attorney to assist you with your claim. Additional details can be found at www.nylitigationfirm.com/property-damage/.
Property Damage Crimes
While many people view damaged property as simply a situation involving compensation, the fact is it’s quite possible you could find yourself charged with a crime, which if convicted could lead to fines or even jail time. In most property damage cases, the two most common criminal charges filed are criminal mischief and criminal tampering, both of which carry various levels of seriousness. Not only can these charges be brought against a person due to an accident or carelessness, but also from instances involving destruction of property resulting from a political act, or damage occurring in the heat of the moment during an argument, such as a domestic situation.
Felony or Misdemeanor?
Since criminal mischief and criminal tampering can both be classified as either a felony or misdemeanor, it’s important to know the determining factors that go into making these decisions. According to New York property damage law, each of these crimes can be classified anywhere from the first to fourth degree, with first being the most serious offense. If convicted of criminal mischief in the fourth degree, it will be a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and fines up to $1,000. However, in criminal mischief cases that are not fourth degree, the crime will be considered a felony, with prison sentences of four up to 25 years. For those charged with criminal tampering, the sentences can be less severe. Considered a misdemeanor except in the first degree, punishments range from 90 days in jail to as much as seven years in prison, and fines can also be levied against those convicted of third degree tampering. Because these convictions can be serious and greatly impact one’s life for many years, it’s crucial to hire a skilled New York City property damage litigation lawyer who not only understands the seriousness of these charges, but also has a track record of success defending clients in these cases. More information about these laws can be found at www.criminalpropertydamage.com/new-york/.
Denied Claims
In many instances regarding property damage, an insurance company will deny the claim, and will often offer few specifics as to why the claim was turned down. By doing so, they hope to not only keep from paying out money, but also discourage future claims from being filed by making the process as difficult as possible. Because of this, it’s vital to consult with a New York City property damage litigation lawyer. In many instances, the attorney can review the claim and discover errors or omissions from either their client or the insurance company. As a result, the attorney can contact the insurance company, and often play a key role in working out a settlement with the company. If this happens, clients will never have to set foot inside a courtroom, and will gain the full and fair compensation they deserve. By having an experienced attorney on your side, the insurance company will know it cannot simply brush you aside, bully you, or use various other intimidation tactics in an effort to deny your claim.
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