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nyc physician license defense lawyers

Becoming a doctor is a dream come true for many people. Doctors on the front lines of medical care. A doctor can diagnose medical issues, provide a treatment plan and engage in a long term recovery effort. Doctors also work in the field of medical research. They help advance scientific efforts to treat and cure disease. In order to become a doctor, potential applicants must undergo rigorous screening just to apply to medical school. Once in medical school, doctors are charged with mastering vast amounts of material. The final completion of a doctor’s education is demonstrating that the doctor has mastered the basics of patient care in the field. In New York City, all those who want to become doctors need to earn a license from the state of New York. This license is intended to provide proof to patients and their fellow staffers that they have met all necessary qualifications to practice medicine.

Once Earned

Once a medical license is earned, the doctor must agree to abide by the requirements to keep that license. When on the job, all doctors are expected to operate under a certain code of conduct at all times. A doctor must agree to treat patients without regard for sex or race. The doctor must also agree to refrain from ingesting substances such as alcohol or drugs that might impair their ability to engage in professional conduct when seeing patients. Doctors are also required to avoid other actions that may cast aspersions on their fellow members of the medical community. A doctor should not commit a crime of any kind. The doctor is expected to treat their colleagues with great respect and act as a role model. If the doctor does not adhere to these requirements, they may face professional censure that may include the possible loss of their medical license.

The loss of a medical license has enormous consequences for any doctor. Doctors cannot practice medicine in New York if they do have a license. A doctor is not allowed to perform any medical duties if they must surrender their license. They can’t teach others or supervise interns. A doctor without a license may also not accept certain forms of payment for any services such as Medicare or Medicaid. In short, losing a license means that the doctor is unable to earn a living in the medical field. Given the very real problems that such a loss can cause and the enormous costs of earning a medical degree, it is crucial for all doctors who are facing this issue to find the ideal way to muster a defense in their own favor. A doctor has many rights enshrined into law when it comes to the possible loss of a license. Doctors are allowed to appeal this decision. They also have the right to have legal counsel on their side during all parts of the proceedings.

A Serious Matter

Revoking a doctor’s license is a serious matter that is not undertaken lightly. By law, all doctors in New York are allowed to have a lawyer with them as they hear any charges against them and any effort by the state to remove their license. A lawyer can help the doctor figure out how best to respond to any evidence the state might have against them. In addition to revoking a license, the state of New York may also impose other penalties on a doctor. A doctor may be fined or even sent to serve out a prison term. All doctors who are facing such serious charges benefit by speaking with legal counsel to help them make sense of the legal issues in their case.

The lawyer can be with them during all parts of any investigatory hearing. The state will begin by letting the doctor know they are under investigation. During this phase, the lawyer can present evidence indicating the case should be dismissed. They can continue to provide support as any case unfolds. A lawyer can also help the doctor ensure they put up the best possible fight and have all legal options at their reach. Doing so will help all doctors make sure all necessary legal rules are applied.

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