NYC Murder in the Second Degree Lawyers

In New York, there are various types of crimes that may be charged when a loss of life results. This includes first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. All of these are very serious offenses that can carry significant penalties, including prison time. If you have been accused of one of these charges, murder in the second degree lawyers can provide you with legal representation throughout all phases of the case.

Murder in the second degree can be charged when there is probable cause showing several different circumstances. This includes causing the death of a person, when there was intent to kill someone else. Also, if circumstances show depraved indifference to human life or the person recklessly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death to another person. In addition, second degree manslaughter may be charged when a death results during the commission of certain felony crimes.

Second degree manslaughter cases can be very complex and it is important that the defendant have an attorney to protect their rights. Because the potential penalties are so significant, a person charged with second degree murder should take great care to explore all potential defenses. Which defenses are available depends on the facts of each case. Murder in the second degree lawyers will be able to carefully examine a case and identify defenses to be raised.

Some defenses can be raised before a trial occurs. These defenses must be raised by filing motions and having court hearings to determine the outcome. In some situations, the court may decide that certain evidence must not be used in the case. If evidence is excluded, it makes the prosecution’s case more difficult to prove. In some circumstances, a case may be dismissed altogether. A criminal defense attorney will look for opportunities to raise pretrial defenses to potentially reduce your chances of conviction.

Other defenses can be raised at trial. For example, if the murder occurred as a result of you defending yourself, then you can present evidence and argue that self defense should prevent a conviction. You can also point out weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and argue that they have failed to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution must be able to prove a variety of different elements through the presentation of witnesses and evidence.

Murder in the second degree lawyers can provide legal advice and representation throughout all stages of the case. If you are under investigation for a murder charge, you should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney, so you understand your rights and do not incriminate yourself. An attorney can be present with you when you are questioned by police. They can also advice you of when to exercise your rights, such as the right to remain silent.

If you are charged with a murder crime, an attorney can appear with you in court and argue on your behalf. This will include arguments about bond, pretrial motions, suppression hearings, and settlement negotiations. If your case proceeds to trial, an attorney can present evidence and witnesses on your behalf. They can also raise objections to questions, argument and evidence raised by the prosecution. An attorney will cross examine the prosecution’s witnesses to try and draw doubt about the case.

If you are convicted of a murder offense, an attorney can assist with appeals and post-conviction requests. They will do what they can do help protect your rights.

Throughout any stage of a murder case, you should have legal representation from an experienced and qualified attorney. An attorney should be able to advise you of the likely outcomes, so you can make informed decisions about your case. If plea offers are made, an attorney can help you weigh whether to accept or reject the offer.

Murder in the second degree lawyers from Raiser & Kenniff, PC have experience representing clients charged with a variety of different offenses. If you are under investigation for a murder offense or have already been charged, a criminal defense attorney from Raiser & Kenniff, PC can help. Contact Raiser & Kenniff, PC to schedule an appointment and obtain answers to your questions about second degree murder and other New York crimes.