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When you’re facing a federal issue, you need an attorney whose going to be available 24/7 to help you get the results and outcome you need. The value of working with the Spodek Law Group is that we treat each and every client like a member of our family.

NYC Child Neglect Lawyers

New York Child Neglect Lawyers

When facing legal challenges connected to child abuse or neglect, your chances of mounting a strong defense heavily depend on the competence and experience of the law firm you work with. The stakes in such cases are high both emotionally and financially. Only by selecting an New York child neglect lawyer who aggressively represents your interests do you raise the chances of coming out victorious against the other party.

Preventing Child Abuse

The most critical child abuse prevention strategy is open communication with your children. Encourage your kids to share their concerns and problems they may have, even problems they may have with you. For kids who go to daycare providers or babysitters, question your child’s caretaker or day care provider, and also question your children. Also, make certain that you have the right to come visit the provider’s facility at appropriate times.

New York’s Leading Abuse and Divorce Attorneys

The Spodek Law Group is a skilled team of attorneys with more than 50-years of experience assisting families in abuse and neglect matters.   We are reliable, with a proven track record.  We are advocates with hundreds of abuse and neglect cases successfully concluded to our credit.  Our New York legal team can employ tested legal techniques to defend your case.

We begin by seeking to understand your legal issues before making any decisions on the best strategy to secure victory for child neglect clients, whether you are the victim or the acused. Evaluating every case, which gives the best chance for providing individualized advice to our clients, is the hallmark of our legal practice.

Have You Been Accused of Neglect in New York?

Parental Child Neglect

In scenarios where a parent struggles with child neglect accusations and the child remains in a children’s home for protection, the accused parent already feels guilty and helpless. The New York Department of Human Services might begin the legal process to make you pay for dependency and commence action against you for neglect.

Social workers may get in touch with you concerning the neglect or abuse of your child. These assertions are often made in the heat of an emotional legal battle, and are sometimes groundless. Regardless of whether these allegations have any validity, you should get in touch with a New York Abuse and Neglect Lawyer right away. Those kinds of accusations can create considerable legal problems if they are not addressed right away.

Other Neglect Accusations

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, more than  40% of residents in nursing homes report outright abuse.  An alarming 95% of residents report neglect.

As a nurse or nursing home caretaker accused of neglect, do not risk attempting a defense plan without a lawyer’s input.

Some common allegations of child neglect:

Physical Abuse, including hitting, biting and shaking

Emotional or psychological abuse, including excessive yelling or shaming,

Sexual Abuse, which includes inappropriate touching, and 

General Neglect, including failure to provide for childrens physical needs.

Any of these sorts of allegations can do irreparable harm to your parent-child connection.  They could also potentially jeopardize your parenting rights. For instance, a child abuse allegation can escalate into criminal charges of endangerment. If you are in a situation like this one, you should reach out to a Criminal Lawyer as well as to a New York Family Law Attorney.

Even while the case examining allegations is pending, a New York Family Law judge may be reticent about awarding you any child custody or visitation. Having a New York abuse and neglect lawyer from our office will help make sure that your parental rights are not infringed upon. 

Some common allegations of elder neglect in nursing homes:

According to the National Association of Nursing Home Attorneys, the three most common neglect complaints in nursing homes are slow response to calls, lack of social interaction between the resident in question and other residents or their family members, and subpar food quality.  You or your loved one has a right to their dignity at any age.  These complaints may seem minor to the outside observer, but they can cause irreparable damage to the physical and mental health of an elderly person.

These are easy allegations to make, and they can be made by the resident or by their family. As  a nurse or  nursing home caretaker accused of neglect, do not risk launching your defense plan without a lawyer’s input.

What is Neglect Allegation?

Neglect can involve abandonment, failure to provide food, water, medication, heat, eyeglasses, cleanliness, dentures, and health services.

For New York’s Department of Health and Human Services, allegations of child maltreatment are a serious issue. Once a child neglect case is filed against a parent, the department could authorize the removal of your child for a temporary stay in a relatives’ house or foster home.

As much as possible, you need to avoid talking to investigators. As the case could possibly have both criminal and civil consequences, let our lawyers handle the issue on your behalf.

It is never a simple feat to regain your parental rights after the action by the Social Services. Also, our attorneys will work closely with you to prevent your name being entered into the New York registry of child abusers.

How You Can Report Child Abuse or Neglect

In New York, reports of abuse or maltreatment are taken by a State Central Register.  The State Central Register is in Albany. The register’s special phone hotline can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The number to call and make a report is (800) 342-3720. Calls are accepted from the general public.  Reporters are allwoed to keep themselves anonymous when reporting.  Calls are also accepted from certain professionals who by law are designated as mandated reporters, such as teachers and nurses. Abuse or neglect reports can be made for children from birth up to their 18th birthday. Each county has its own Child Protective Services Department. For authorities in New York to launch an investigation, a report must first be made to and accepted by the New York State Central Registry.

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