Nassau County Robbery Lawyers

Nassau County Robbery Lawyers

Robbery is a serious crime, and a robbery accusation can be stressful. Navigating the court system, dealing with the stigma of being accused of a crime, and the potential penalties from a negative verdict can all cause problems for you. The best way to thrive in this environment is with the help of a lawyer who will represent your interests and fight for your rights.

We at Spodek Law Group have years of combined experience in New York state criminal defense law, including robbery. We will be your advocates in the courtroom and beyond during the entire process. This is a difficult time, but our professional attention and work on your behalf will make it as smooth as possible.

There are two main types of defense that we can use for you. The first is to convince the jury that there is not enough evidence to prove that you have committed a crime. We will use this defense if it looks like the evidence was weak or circumstantial, or if the evidence was collected in an improper way that makes it invalid for use in court. For example, the police cannot force you to confess to any act, especially if they failed to read your your Miranda rights.

The second form of defense is to agree that the acts took place, but argue that there are circumstances that mean they do not fit the definition of robbery. For example, the involuntary intoxication defense states that without knowing and against your will, you became intoxicated in one form or another and that affected your judgement and actions. Or the duress defense argues that another person or group forced you to commit the acts and threatened you with harm if you refused. These defenses have as their goal the notion that you did not intend to rob anyone and would not have done so if you had full control over your own actions.

Keep in mind that in robbery cases, you are innocent until proven guilty. That means the defense does not need to actually have concrete proof of your innocence. All you have to do is convince the jury that there is “reasonable doubt” that robbery took place. That is a specific legal standard that uses the presumption of innocence to ensure that it is the burden of the government to actually prove that you committed a robbery.

There are three categories, or degrees, of robbery. Robbery itself consists of taking the property of another person while either threatening the use of force or actually using force. A basic robbery, the lowest level, is third-degree robbery. Second-degree robbery is the next level up, and it takes effect when the robber has help from one or more allies, uses force to inflict harm, shows a gun or other weapon, or steals a car. The most severe type is first-degree robbery. That means the robber inflicted serious harm, showed a weapon with intent to use it, or actually used a weapon. Each type of robbery has different penalties. A third-degree robbery is a class D felony with a sentence of 2-7 years in prison. Second-degree robbery is a class C felony and carries a sentence of 7-15 years in prison. Lastly, a first-degree robbery is a class B felony with a sentence of 10-25 years in prison. The exact sentence will depend on the specific circumstances. All robberies can also carry a fine of either $5,000 or two times the value of the stolen property.

Our firm, the Spodek Law Group, has a variety of services to help you. First of all, we are available 24/7. There are lots of law companies that have fixed working ours. We know that the world operates much faster now, and you might need help at any time. That’s why we ensure that we are always available for those who need us. We also have free consultations so that we can work through the basics of your case, develop a legal strategy with you, and move forward. We believe that it is in your best interest to get to know us and talk before committing to any kind of contract or agreement. This also allows us to ensure that we have assigned the best lawyer to fit your case.

The bottom line is that if you have a pending robbery charge, you need to get in touch with our legal team as soon as possible. We can help you get a reduced sentence or even dropped charges, and our success rate at improving client outcomes is 99 percent. But you will need our help early in the process to help you build your strategy and your defense, so don’t delay. Call us to schedule your free consultation for a robbery defense or any other New York criminal defense need.

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