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Manhattan Gun Crime Lawyers

Understanding Manhattan’s Gun Crime Laws

With arguably the toughest weapons possession laws in the country, it is never a fun proposition to be charged with such a crime in Manhattan. Not only is there a mandatory minimum prison sentence dished out to all of those who are convicted on a gun crime, the damage it does to your reputation can be long lasting and severe. Because of these reasons alone, it is wise to hire a Manhattan gun crime attorney from the moment you are charged. There are simply too many moving pieces to this type of weapons charge to trust to anyone but the most experienced and capable lawyers in Manhattan.

Navigating Gun Crime and Gun Possession Charges

Many people are charged for a gun crime in New York because of a misunderstanding. The laws are stacked against gun owners to the point that a well-intentioned gun owner in another state may inadvertently violate the law upon entering Manhattan. Law enforcement officials have been known to show little leniency in this regard, however, so a charge is often vigorously prosecuted because it is so difficult to defend. This is exactly why you need a Manhattan gun crime attorney fighting on your behalf to protect your legal rights.

Even within New York itself, different cities will have various interpretations of the law. Carrying a weapon in one locality may be fine, but result in a punishable offense in Manhattan. Such crimes are typically viewed as a felony, and this has far-reaching effects on the individuals that have been charged. Charges can range from having a gun within you inside an airport, having a knife that is visible in your car when pulled over, or having a switchblade while riding the subway. The classification, each of these episodes can result in a weapons possession charge, while each can also be explained as an innocent misunderstanding.

What a Felony Means

Because a gun crime is viewed as a felony within Manhattan, the charge itself is rather serious. Prison time almost always accompanies a conviction, and this is where the potentially life-altering consequences begin. Convicted felons have a difficult time finding employment upon release. Those convicted of a gun crime are excluded altogether from certain professions. Child custody can be lost, as can future earning potential. The list goes on. If you do not have an attorney fighting to get you acquitted of this charge, you could find that the battle has just begun even after serving your sentence.

Why NYC Has Such Tough Laws

Many wonder why Manhattan has such tough laws when it comes to weapons. It is estimated that the city once had as many as 2 million illegal guns within its jurisdiction. Law enforcement tried everything to combat this number, finally deciding that tough laws with mandatory prison sentences were the way to go. This has led to aggressive policing activities that have resulted in an inordinate amount of arrest through the years. While there has been a reduction in gun-related violence, there are also many innocent individuals who have been caught in the crossfires of this legislation.

The cut and dry nature of the law itself leaves little room for interpretation. That is where your Manhattan gun crime attorney will come into play. They will work within the confines of the judicial system to ensure that you get a fair hearing and that your side of the story is able to be told. You need this type of professionalism on your side, so contact a lawyer the moment you are arrested for such a crime

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