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long island Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

Changes for Same-Sex Families

In the changing year of 2015, the United States shifted in a better direction. The same-sex marriage finally earned the legalization that it had battled for many years. Due to this, without shame, a non-traditional bride and groom can display their same-sex wedding toppers and celebrate the extraordinary union with love and family. The Supreme Court made the decision, following much elation from those who had been enjoying lives with their beloved partners for years, but with no rights to be married as their union could never be established by society. Even though many rushed to the altar to get their names established as one, many also rushed to the divorce lawyers as well to bid farewell to their same-sex union.

Spiking Divorce Rates

Divorce rates have spiked, but it’s not because same-sex marriages were legalized. There has been an increase in divorce, and many have speculated that it may be because those who were secretly gay were in marriages where they were wed to a person of the opposite gender to act as a ‘beard.’ Many unfortunately felt that if they hid their true self behind a perfect family, their gay tendencies would melt away, and no one would notice. Entirely the opposite was true. However, as unfortunate as this is, many same-sex couples are also experiencing a type of broken harmony and disunion, leading them into the wide open arms of divorce.

Legal Divorce Assistance for Same-Sex Couples

Long Island Same-Sex Divorce lawyers can help with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, especially for those who rushed to get married with the gut-wrenching fear that the law could change, once again, in an instant. The firm can help one understand the decisions that were made in the marriage, and the outcomes of finances and agreements during the divorce process. The divorce lawyers stay up to date on the shifting sands of the law and help the clients understand how these changes can affect their divorce and the divorce outcome. Spousal maintenance, property distributions, and tax implications will be discussed at length, as complications can arise due to laws that encapsulate same-sex marriages. Experienced attorney recognize that state laws and federal laws may differ, so legal counsel is highly advised in these particular divorces involving same-sex marriages.

Child Custody, Adoptions and Divorce

Divorces may be more complicated if there is a child custody situation involved, especially with a child that came from an adoption situations. Long Island, Same-sex Divorce lawyers, will never discriminate against a same-sex couple and parental rights will be examined and fairly assessed. protecting the relationships with children involved is something that the legal team cares passionately about. Child custody, especially in same-sex divorce cases, can be a challenge if one isn’t the biological/adoptive parent of the child involved. Experienced attorneys can help protect one’s rights and advocate on behalf of those interested in the child’s well being.

Safe Place and Judgement-Free Zones

With experienced staff, the firm promises to help those individuals who are wishing for a divorce, and it also desires to help them adopt a new life as changes in society also go through a metamorphosis of its own. If one is in a same-sex marriage, the last thing they need is to be judged, scrutinized, harassed and have their case mishandled by someone who doesn’t approve of those in a same-sex marriage. Divorces are an emotionally draining process with a financial cost. The many stakes at the feet of divorce can affect many involved in the family for a long time. That’s why it’s essential to put one’s trust in the hands of an attorney that cares and has compassion for those in a same-sex marriage. Affordability, judgment-free zones, and a safe place is offered as we go through the complicated processes together and help one begin the journey of healing.

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