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When you’re facing a federal issue, you need an attorney whose going to be available 24/7 to help you get the results and outcome you need. The value of working with the Spodek Law Group is that we treat each and every client like a member of our family.

Federal Criminal Lawyers

How to Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer
Not all lawyers are equal when it comes to criminal defense. When facing federal criminal charges, working with a recognized and experienced defense firm is a must. Any potential defendant unquestionably wants to have a top-grade legal representation. As one of the trustworthy and go-to federal defense firms, we know what it takes to win in federal criminal cases and are willing to do everything in our power to secure a favorable outcome. Our proven results testify our lawyers’ dedication to clients and their immense legal talent. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you—get in touch with us now to learn more about how we can assist you in your federal criminal case.

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Federal Defense Attorney
If you have been accused of a crime, your future is undeniably on the line. It is a fact that punishments for federal crimes are severe and almost always include extended time in prison. To avoid consequences that may hinder your ability to move on after an accusation or criminal charge, make sure to contact a federal criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Let our defense team work on your case and put you one step closer to freedom. We will guide you throughout the process to guarantee you have a better chance at achieving your desired results in your federal criminal case.

Steps of Hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer
You will benefit from hiring a defense lawyer right away if you are under investigation and facing criminal charges. The right defense lawyer will work with you in the initial stages of your case to help you clear your name and avoid criminal charges. If your criminal case does progress to trial, your lawyer will remain by your side and aggressively defend you against harsh prosecutors who want to see you punished severely. Having an expert defense lawyer on your side may help you escape jail time and other life-altering consequences that often arise in federal criminal cases.

You should make an effort to understand what kind of attorney you need once you have decided you must hire a lawyer. If you are involved in a federal criminal case, you will need a federal attorney. Federal law is more complex and requires a defense lawyer who has a vast body of knowledge to combat the prosecutor from the United States Attorney’s office. As a matter of fact, many defense attorneys are not licensed to practice in federal court. Our federal defense team can set you up with a licensed federal lawyer who will guide you throughout your case. You may also want to consider what qualities are important to you in a lawyer. A few qualities that mark a great federal defense attorney are a good track record, vast experience, excellent communication skills, and dedication.

Do your part. Be sure to do your research after you have determined what kind of lawyer your need. A thorough interview and background search will reveal the qualities of the attorney, which allows you to make an informed decision about who handles your defense. If you believe you have chosen a lawyer who meets all of your qualifications, schedule a meeting and discuss the details of your case with the said lawyer. If you are confident with the lawyer’s skills and comfortable with his or her case analysis, it is time to move forward and formally secure legal services.

If you are facing federal criminal charges and are searching for a top-tier defense attorney, look no further. As a recognized and experienced defense firm, we offer free consultations so that you can decide if our renowned federal lawyers are right for you in your distinct case. Our team of licensed and skilled lawyers has extensive experience working in federal criminal cases and is willing to dedicate ample time and energy to fight on your behalf. Let our federal defense team develop a winning defense strategy for you.

We understand that looking for and hiring a perfect defense lawyer can be time-consuming and overwhelming. To help make the process as easy as possible, call our toll free number or send us a message online.

How Immunity Works In Federal Criminal Cases

The feeling of being investigated for a federal crime can be traumatic, confusing, and overwhelming. If you are alone, it is extremely difficult to navigate the beginning stages of your case. Before you take any action, you must secure a premier federal defense lawyer who can walk you through the process.
Considered as one of the top criminal defense firms in the state, our team of experienced attorneys is committed to defending your welfare and will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best possible shot at receiving your desired results. We promise to explore every legal option available, including sentencing, immunity, and plea options, or the possibility of victory in court to ensure we have developed a strategic approach towards your success. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you in your federal criminal case. We provide free initial case consultation and can answer any questions you may have.

What is Immunity in Federal Cases?

If you are involved in a federal criminal case and have information that the government could use, you may enter into immunity negotiations. Although the definition of immunity varies case by case, generally, it refers to exception from some or all forms of penalties, in exchanging for offering information.
Let your defense lawyer review the details of your case and hear your side of the story to determine whether immunity negotiation will be a sensible course of action for you as you progress through an investigation. Remember, you should never attempt to negotiate with the government without a legal representative, and never speak to investigators without an attorney present. This is to ensure you don’t end up revealing information that could severely affect your case and miss out on the opportunity to negotiate a better deal. If you are interested to learn more about immunity in federal criminal cases, reach out to our defense firm today.
The Three Types of Immunity in Federal Criminal Cases
Generally speaking, there are three types of immunity in federal criminal cases.

The proffer letter immunity is the first type of immunity. This is a written agreement between you and the federal prosecutor, which states that you can tell them all of the information about the case that you have. This information will not be used against you at any point in the case. Considered as the weakest form of immunity, the government cannot use the information against you but they can use it to collect further evidence against you. The government may also end up using the information against you should your case goes to court and you say something under oath that contradicts the information you previously provided.

The second type of immunity is an agreement between the government and you that the information you provide to them will not be used to prosecute you or find further convicting evidence. As a stronger form of immunity, this means that if the government does stumble upon additional information, they must go to an ethics hearing and attempt to prove that the evidence did not originate from the information you supplied. Your defense lawyer will communicate with the government while negotiating this type of immunity to ensure you receive the treatment you have been promised.

The final type of immunity is the strongest of the three. The federal judge may order you to speak after they review the details of your case and consider your testimony valuable. Since the Fifth Amendment outlines your right to remain silent, what you say due to a court order cannot be used against you—directly or indirectly. Your defense attorney will work to help you understand which of the three types of immunity you are being offered so you can make an informed decision.

Federal Immunity Agreements

The federal immunity agreement can be extremely valuable in your federal criminal case. Your lawyer will review the details of your situation in an attempt to determine a course of action that is favorable in your desired case result. Our defense firm has an extensive understanding of how immunity works in federal criminal cases. Our knowledgeable and skilled lawyers will guide you through the process and explain every step along the way. We believe in putting the power in your hands so you have full control of your future. Get in touch with us today to learn more on how our top-tier lawyers can assist you in your federal criminal case.

Remember, the sooner you connect with a skilled defense lawyer, the higher your chances are of achieving the best outcome available. Let us start building your strategic defense as soon as possible. Call our toll free number for a free initial case consultation and to get connected with a knowledgeable defense lawyer who can guide you through the initial stages of your case. As one of the best defense law firms, we value the future of our clients and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you have the best shot at being successful in your criminal case.

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