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Phoenix Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

October 9, 2021 Federal Criminal Attorneys
Phoenix: Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal charges are very serious, and cases involving felonies are heard only in the federal courts. The penalties and fees can be extremely punitive. This might often include extensive prison sentences, stiff fines and other repercussions. A conviction can impair your prospects for rebuilding your future.

Consider the alarming statistic that over 90 percent of defendants end up pleading guilty instead of following through to a trial. In fact, the number of cases that actually make it to trial is around 2 percent.[1] Consultation services are necessary, and we encourage clients to contact us early in the process.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix

This is not a situation that you should trust to an inexperienced Phoenix Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer or someone without an intricate working knowledge of the federal court system. This is a situation that should only be trusted to the most experienced federal criminal defense lawyer.

This attorney is responsible for defending your rights against unscrupulous federal prosecutors looking to score an easy victory for their career aspirations. These are highly competitive and competent professionals, and you should never be caught on their terrain unprepared. An equally aggressive federal criminal defense lawyer can tip the balance towards a favorable outcome for your case.

Federal or State Criminal Defense Lawyer?

State criminal defense lawyers can prosecute crimes like assault, theft, robbery, domestic abuse, family law, traffic violations and even murder. These are the vast majority of all crimes that are committed and charged within the legal system. The attorneys that prosecute these cases are often overwhelmed with caseloads, and there isn’t enough time to dedicate to each one of these dockets.

However, the federal crimes are completely different; they are defined as having the involvement of a federal agent or agency. There rules that govern federal laws and criminal charges can be complex, and you need to work with a federal criminal lawyer who understands these complexities.

Federal prosecutors don’t face the same restrictions as state’s attorneys. They often have plenty of time to prepare the case carefully and launch an aggressive campaign inside the federal court system. They often seek to win high-visibility cases, and they may view the defendant as little more than a career opportunity.

This person can be an intimidating adversary, and it’s easy to feel that the deck is stacked against you before the case even reaches pre-trial status. The best defense against this system is an experienced and tenacious criminal defense lawyer. Constitutional laws allow you to have the right to legal counsel, but the quality of this representation isn’t guaranteed.[2]

Hiring a Phoenix Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Deciding on a federal criminal defense lawyer requires an understanding that not all lawyers have the same background. Even federal lawyers have significant differences that should be considered. For example, seasoned lawyers bring insights that only come from many years of experience. Don’t trust your case with an inexperienced lawyer at the beginning of their career. You should also consider hiring a lawyer that has a history of litigating cases that are similar to yours.

Many state attorneys do great work at that level of the court system; this doesn’t make them qualified to handle a federal case. This track record is the most reliable certification of competency that you can hope to review before you hire the lawyer for the case. The federal court system has particular rules that require an in-depth understanding of how the system functions. Hire the best criminal defense lawyer that can protect your rights under this system.

The Phoenix criminal defense lawyer must have good communication skills. Interactions with your legal counsel may require long periods of time. This is an important consideration; communication enables you to fully understand the events as they unravel in real time.

As the case continues through the federal court system, you might become confused with legal jargon or specific legal terms. Your federal defense lawyer should have the skill set necessary to explain all relevant concepts to you. These are specific skills that require time and testing to refine; never trust your federal case to an inexperienced law firm.

Phoenix Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

If the defense attorney claims to have special connections, you should avoid hiring that person because this is a sign of corruption. The system is often seen as being favorable to the federal prosecutor, and this creates a psychological barrier that is built into the case. A skillful federal prosecutor understands various ways to use this leverage and get a defendant to plead guilty prematurely.

Detecting and exploiting weaknesses can make the federal prosecutor seem undefeatable, but there are many instances where a federal criminal lawyer prevails. Avoid the most common traps that are set by federal prosecutors, and find the right federal criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and mount an effective and aggressive defense.

Our legal firm is committed to offering the best legal counsel for anyone facing felony charges in Phoenix. We understand the specific procedures that govern the federal court system. The criminal defense lawyer is your legal advocate, and you need to feel confident that this is a professional who can protect your interests every step of the way.

The stakes can be incredibly high, so make sure to take your time and research the criminal defense attorney thoroughly. [3] Federal cases tend to take longer to resolve than state cases, so it’s important to work to someone who has earned your confidence and trust. Our federal criminal defense lawyers invite you to contact our office for a consultation. We look forward to reviewing the details of the case and begin preparing your defense strategy.





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