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Federal Bank Fraud Defense Attorney

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney For Bank Fraud Charges

Have you been investigated, indicted, or arrested for bank fraud? Don’t navigate the federal court system without experienced federal representation. Here’s why you need a federal criminal defense attorney on your side.

Although bank fraud has become more prevalent in modern times, not many people realize it is a federal crime. If you’ve been accused of bank fraud, you’ll need a federal criminal defense attorney to protect your rights in the judicial system. Learn how the expertise of a federal criminal defense lawyer can help you with the full force of the law from our team of federal legal experts.

What is Bank Fraud?
Federal bank fraud is when an individual either attempts or succeeds at taking funds or assets from a bank or their customers while using deceptive tactics.

Depending on the circumstances, charges can include identity theft, tax fraud, wire fraud, mortgage fraud, online auction fraud, Ponzi schemes, and money laundering. These additional charges occur to add penalties and lengthier sentences.

Accusations of a federal crime are far different than being prosecuted for a state crime. When it comes to federal bank fraud, you can’t be too careful. The importance of having a federal criminal defense attorney on your side cannot be understated. If you’ve been accused of bank fraud, discover how our team of federal criminal law professionals can help arm your defense with the tools of the law.

Intent Matters in Bank Fraud Cases
When any fraud case is ongoing, the goal is to prove that fraudulent activity or schemes were purposeful. Was the accused aware that what they were doing was wrong, or were they making a mistake? Federal prosecutors must answer this question with evidence to back the charges. Without proof of fraudulent intent from documentation or whistleblower statements, they have no case.

How a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Makes All the Difference
Because the burden of proof falls on the prosecution, federal charges involve in-depth investigations that pose complex challenges for any defense team. Because all eyes are on the federal government and prosecution, they will not rest until they have a well-rounded case ready to file charges. Unfortunately, the federal government will not hesitate to play every card in its hand to ensure taxpayer funds are well-spent to prosecute financial crimes.

As a result, associated penalties and sentences for federal crimes are often significant compared with criminal cases at the state level. The potential outcome and unique challenges faced throughout federal court procedures can be frustrating. It’s essential to have someone on your side who has experience handling these types of cases. Do your homework and find an experienced federal attorney to help guide you during this difficult time.

When Should You Call an Attorney?
Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may receive correspondence advising you about an indictment or investigation. Take precautionary measures if you receive a notice like this. If given the opportunity, investigators will take every word you utter and use it against you in court. That’s why, before you talk to investigators, you should call an attorney immediately.

An Attorney Can Help Protect Your Family
If you’ve been charged with a crime like bank fraud, part of your penalties may involve asset forfeiture, even without a conviction. If police suspect property was used or involved in a crime, they could take your property for further investigation or retribution. Examples of seized property may include cash, vehicles, and homes. It helps to protect your family’s future by having a federal criminal defense lawyer to back you up.

Federal Lawyers Know Federal Law
A felony conviction can destroy your future in minutes. Without a lengthy sentence, these charges can prevent you from obtaining gainful employment, housing, and a line of credit to fund your family’s expenses. At our law firm, we understand the stress you are under and would like to take some of that burden off your shoulders.

If you’ve been accused of bank fraud, federal investigators have likely already done some digging into your life. That’s why you need an experienced team of federal attorneys to navigate the federal court system on your behalf.

Don’t navigate the federal court system on your own. If you’re under investigation for bank fraud, give us a call today. Our team of compassionate lawyers will turn every stone to find solutions to protect your rights and your future. Go here to get started with a free consultation today.


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