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DEA Disciplinary Actions Lawyers

Spodek Law Group is dedicated to providing dedicated legal defense for anyone facing DEA disciplinary actions

If you’re stuck in a DEA investigation, or if you’re facing an enforcement action related to your medical practice – then needless to say, you’re in a super difficult situation. The DEA is a powerful federal entity. It can move fast, and aggressively against you – even if you have done nothing wrong. DEA disciplinary actions are harsh and long-lasting. Any punishment by the DEA can end a career. Unfortunately, because of the super important role that the DEA fulfills – they get a lot of deference.

The DEA goes after street drug dealers with the same tenacity as doctors, pharmacists, and anyone else who is suspected of unlawful prescription activity. The DEA is concerned with infractions under the CSA – Controlled Substances Act – which can lead your DEA certificate of registration being suspended, or permanently revoked. The DEA registration is required for prescribing, or dispensing, medication in the USA. It is virtually impossible to re-register, or reapply. Revocation of your DEA license can literally mean the end of your career. Bottom line, DEA disciplinary actions can be horrendous for your professional career.

There are other DEA disciplinary actions potentially, such as federal felony charges against you, and other healthcare providers involved. Convictions can lead to federal prison time, or more. The DEA goes after doctors, nurses, np’s, with an aggressive attitude. The agency is increasingly making criminal referrals, and prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. Disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to, federal felony charges, and civil penalties as well. The mere thought of the DEA showing up is enough to make doctors nervous. The best response, however, when the agency shows up, is to not accept their recommendations. Do not simply obey/listen to them. You should contact an experienced, and top rated, DEA defense lawyer.

DEA defense lawyers can help you create a strong legal strategy. It means looking at your options, such as whether to cooperate with a DEA inspection, negotiating with DEA agents, and/or preparing a defense for your potential DEA hearing, or criminal defense trial. Do not underestimate how tough DEA disciplinary actions can be.

DEA Disciplinary Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of actions the DEA can take?

The DEA has a number of different enforcement actions that can be taken at their disposal. Depending on the circumstances of the alleged crimes, this can include:

  • Monetary fines
  • DEA audits/inspections
  • Criminal charges
  • Imprisonment
  • Probation
  • Requesting the surrender of your DEA Certificate of Registration
  • Suspending/revoking your DEA registration
  • Suspending your medical license

How should you prepare for a potential DEA Disciplinary Action?

DEA inspections are a very routine process. But it’s important to remember, the DEA is conducting this and is looking for irregularities which can be used against you. DEA agents can arrive at any time. It’s typical for the DEA to begin an audit or inspection with no warning. It’s in your best interest to stay prepared. The best thing you can do is maintain thorough documentation, and ensuring that every patient/doctor interaction is well documented. If you’ve been contacted by a DEA agent, we recommend you speak to an experienced DEA defense attorney right away, even if no charges were filed. It’s typical for routine DEA audits to lead to larger, more complicated, investigations – even if you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s important that you be careful about what you say to anyone working for the DEA. You should never agree to voluntarily surrendering your DEA license without speaking to a DEA disciplinary actions attorney first. It’s also important to never admit fault. Before you agree to a warrantless search, you should ask a DEA disciplinary actions defense attorney for help and legal advice.

When will the DEA take enforcement actions?

The DEA has jurisdiction over issues relating to controlled substances, such as:

  • Conspiracy to dispense
  • Conspiracy to distribute
  • Conspiracy to possess
  • Dispensing drugs, without the proper labels
  • Drug diversion
  • Drug trafficking
  • Paperwork violations
  • Filing violations
  • Prescribing medications to drug-addicted medical patients
  • Prescribing medications outside of medically accepted norms
  • Violations of the CSA

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