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Conducting Internal Investigations in Whistleblower Litigation

Whistleblower Litigation Can Be Ruinous. 


Every year, thousands of proprietors of corporations are shocked to discover that a person that they trusted or worked with in the past has filed a report against them with state or federal authorities alleging corporate fraud. Numerous business owners learn about whistleblower claims for the first time when they get a civil investigative demand (CID) or subpoena from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), or other another federal law enforcement agency. Nevertheless, some suddenly find out that their businesses are under assault when federal agents show up on their premises requesting access to company staff or documents.


If there is any reason to believe that somebody may have put in a whistleblower complaint against your company, you should not carry on with business as usual. As soon as you are on notice (or begin to have cause for concern) that your business is being targeted, you need to immediately reach out to seasoned federal defense counsel who is able to identify the issues involved and respond to the fraud allegations strategically and effectively on behalf of your company.


Serving Companies Nationwide in Federal Whistleblower Defense

Spodek Law Group has gained a nationwide reputation for defense representation against  federal whistleblower claims by assisting hundreds of clients in avoiding steep penalties.  We work hard to help clients avoid criminal charges in every single case.  Also, we have extensive experience resolving complex qui tam investigations across the country. The federal defense attorneys, former U.S. Attorneys and Assistant U.S. Attorneys and former DOJ prosecutors at our firm are renowned for their ability to successfully defend clients against whistleblowers’ accusations, and our former federal agents come to the table with decades of insights and experience resolving our clients’ cases rapidly, with discretion, and without government intervention.


We can take care of federal whistleblower cases in all phases – from conducting internal investigation to representing you on federal litigation and appeals – involving allegations as follows:


  • Federal Contract Fraud, including Construction and DOD (U.S. Department of Defense) Contract Fraud
  • Federal Healthcare Program Fraud including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)  Fraud
  • Financial and Securities Fraud including Accounting Fraud, Self-Dealing, Insider Trading, Bribery, and Other Federal Allegations


Spodek Law Group is a team of tried and true federal defense attorneys and former federal agents who work collaboratively to conduct corporate investigations and furnish reliable fraud defense strategies to businesses throughout the United States. If you require federal whistleblower defense counsel, or if you believe you might need federal whistleblower defense counsel, you are strongly encouraged to contact us right away to talk about next steps for carrying out an internal investigation.


How Will Spodek Law Group’s Internal Investigations Reduce the Risk that Companies Will Face Liability Because of Whistleblower Complaints?

Our law firm has successfully defended a great many businesses against unverified allegations of corporate fraud,False Claims Act violations, healthcare fraud, kickbacks, federal contract fraud, and other federal offenses. Unlike other firms, rather than be passive and waiting around for the government to discover something, we employ a proactive approach to revealing the truth behind the whistleblower’s accusations so that we can dispel current misconceptions and deal with any potential issues before they end up in substantial liability exposure.


Case Study 1: A Healthcare Provider Faces Allegations of Accepting Kickbacks and Overbilling Medicare

Let’s say that you own a healthcare business and you are being accused of accepting kickbacks and fraudulently billing Medicare in your practices. You recently received a subpoena from DHHS demanding records of your company’s Medicare billings other financial transactions from the past several years. It seems a whistleblower has lodged a complaint. Instead of responding to the subpoena by flat out declaring your innocence, or worse, sending them the records requested, what is the best thing to do?


Contact Spodek Law Group


The former federal agents on our team, under the supervision of our expert federal defense attorneys, will pinpoint the possible issues and take appropriate steps to help you repair them before giving any information to the federal government. This way, we are able to proactively reassure the government that your business:


Has conducted an internal investigation voluntarily;

Has taken remedial measures appropriately.  For example, amended the offending terms of a third-party contract and implementing discontinued use of an incorrect billing code; and,

Presently stands in complete compliance with its federal obligations.


This strategy has worked for hundreds of healthcare providers across the United States, and we are at the ready to do the same for you. Reach out to our federal whistleblower defense team right away to talk about your situation and immediately initiate an internal investigation focused on upholding your business.


Example 2: A Federal Contractor Gets a CID Looking For Information about Possible Overpayments

Now, imagine that you are a federal contractor with a major construction contract, and you depend upon that contract for a significant proportion of your annual business revenue. You unexpectedly receive a demand for a civil investigation from the DOJ. On the basis of the contents of the CID, it seeps a whistleblower has filed a complaint accusing your company of intentionally overbilling the government. You believe that perhaps a former employee who was recently fired filed the complaint.  What is the bst course of action?


First off, you should definitely not respond to the CID until you are fully aware of what is at stake.


Although your company is obligated to respond to the CID so as to avoid being held in contempt, what cannot take place is sending response to the CID in a vacuum. In order to shield your company to the fullest extent possible, you have got to know the reason the government is requesting the particular documents sought in the CID. Once you carry out an internal investigation and figure out whether your business truly has anything about which to be concerned, then you can take informed steps in responding to the CID and battling the whistleblower’s allegations.


Again, we have utilized this strategy of starting with an efficient and comprehensive internal investigation to shield hundreds of clients against the expensive consequences of whistleblower claims. If you are a government contractor and your business is facing allegations of defrauding the federal government, we can start working right away to gather the information you need to put forth a successful defense.


Solutions in Whistleblower Defense for Companies Facing Serious Federal Allegations

Companies across the country have trusted our team of seasoned corporate defense attorneys and investigative professionals to point out and rectify possible compliance issues in the wake of federal whistleblower allegations. Taking care of matters in the areas of securities, healthcare, government contracting, employment, and corporate governance, we offer efficient representation and tactical solutions to a wide array of clients nationwide.


How can our team assist you? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our track record representing clients in federal matters such as:


Employment Fraud

Defense for Healthcare Fraud

Government Contract Fraud

Securities and Accounting Fraud

Bribery, Money Laundering, and Other Federal Offenses


This Is Why Companies Across the United States Trust Spodek Law Group for Federal Whistleblower Defense

When you’re up against a whistleblower, or qui tam, lawsuit, you have two options. You can enlist a large national firm and pay huge retainers for young associate attorneys who will bill you for many hours of document review and legal research. The better choice is to hire a firm that only has your company’s best interests at heart. Here at Spodek Law Group, our former DOJ attorneys and federal agents depend upon their extensive experience to come up with efficient and practical solutions to the complicated challenges of federal whistleblower defense.


Why should you trust the future of your business to a cadre of green lawyers, fresh out of law school, when you could have well over a century of real-world experience on your team? Choose Spodek Law Group and we assure you:


  • No junior associates will ever be assigned to your company’s defense.
  • All details related to your internal investigation and federal defense plan will be handled by experienced FBI and DOJ veterans.
  • You will never need to seek additional help from another firm, because our team of lawyers, consultants, and investigators provides full-service representation.
  • We will be at your service when and where you need us, because we have a  network of local counsel in strategic locations across the entire United States.

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