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CFTC Bitcoin Lawyers

Are you in the position of being named in a possible CFTC investigation? If it has to do with your involvement in the bitcoin industry, you are not alone. Your best bet under the circumstances will be to hire a lawyer from a firm of expert CFTC bitcoin lawyers.

What is the Connection of the CFTC with the Bitcoin Industry?

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is a Federal watchdog that has been set up with the intention of dealing with all manner of illegal activities in the world of futures trading. This very much includes the realm of cryptocurrency. This is a subject that has attracted a great deal of attention from the CFTC in recent years.

The purview of the CFTC extends to all manner of commodities, including everything from precious metals to bitcoins. Its scope is extremely wide and its powers are vast. Due to the passage of the recent Dodd-Frank Act, the CFTC now has more power to investigate and punish wrongdoing than ever before.

What Should You Do if You Are Named in a CFTC Investigation?

If your name should come up as a possible candidate for a CFTC investigation, don’t panic. This does not automatically mean that your career is over. There is a huge gap between being mentioned as a subject of interest and actually being subject to a full Federal government investigation.

The first and most obvious thing that you will need to do is engage the services of a skilled and experienced CFTC bitcoin lawyer. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can get started on preparing an effective defense that will see your name dropped from the list of potential wrongdoers under investigation by this powerful body.

How Can a CFTC Bitcoin Lawyer Help You?

If you are ready to clear your name and put the threat of a possible CFTC investigation behind you, the time to contact our law firm is now. We can help you gather up all of the relevant documentation and other forms of evidence that you need. We will present this evidence to the prosecutor to prove that you are innocent.

We can also arrange an attorney proffer meeting. This is an initial consultation with the prosecutor during which we will answer questions on your behalf. The idea is to prove that you had no part of, much less any knowledge of, any criminal activity related to the bitcoin industry.

Contact Us Today to Prepare Your Defense Strategy

The sooner you get in contact with us, the sooner we can help you get off the hook of a major CFTC investigation. Our goal will be to prove that you are completely innocent and therefore not a person who needs to have their name connected with any illegal activities in the world of bitcoin. If you are ready to put this potentially damaging affair behind you, the time to get in touch with our legal firm is now.

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