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Fresno Federal Criminal Lawyers

October 5, 2021 CA

If you’re charged with a crime, it can often be frightening during the process and when you go to court. In the event that you’re charged with a federal crime, you could experience a bit more in the way of fear and an unsettling feeling as the consequences are often more severe. A way to handle these charges in Fresno is to hire an experienced federal criminal lawyer who understands this area of the law. Your attorney should be someone who can prepare the best defense in a court of law to try to have your charges reduced or dismissed while presenting as much evidence as possible on your behalf.

While many crimes are handled in state courts, federal charges are usually handled in a different system. There could be a jury as well as more than one judge who hears your case depending on the crimes you’ve been charged with. Any time that you commit any kind of criminal activity that the federal government prohibits, then you’ll likely be charged with a federal crime and have your case heard in federal court. Other circumstances that could result in federal crimes include issues that impact national security, such as threats against members of the government, an activity that occurs in more than one state, or crimes that take place on federal property.

Sometimes, a crime could be considered both a state and federal charge. This means that you would need to go to both courts to hear your sentence if you’re convicted. A federal criminal lawyer can sometimes represent you on all charges that you face as they should have experience in state courts as well. Even if you’re not sentenced in a state court, you could still be found guilty in a federal court and be sentenced there. In many instances, one court tries to defer sentencing to the other, especially if a state court is involved because the process of determining if you’re guilty or not guilty and the sentencing process is a bit easier in the state setting. The issue with double jeopardy doesn’t really apply in this setting as you can be tried for the same charges in different courts, such as being tried in a state court and then again in a federal court. When you begin looking for a federal criminal lawyer, you need to make sure the person is admitted to practice in the court as this is a component of the rules of federal courts.

Types of Federal Crimes
There are several types of federal crimes that you could be charged with including those that involve drugs or violence. Accounting and bankruptcy fraud are common white-collar crimes as well as tax and social security fraud. Some of the federal crimes against the government include treason, sabotage, and terrorism. Drug offenses include trafficking, manufacturing, and selling. The type of drug involved will usually play a role in the details of the charges as well as the sentence that you receive. The amount of the drug involved will usually play a role as well. Various weapons charges that could be tried on a federal level include possessing a firearm as a felon, exporting or importing firearms, and selling firearms in an illegal manner. Solicitation of a minor and downloading child pornography are common federal internet crimes.

Possible Punishments
If you’re found guilty of the federal crimes that you’ve been charged with, then you’ll usually have time to consult with your attorney about the possible consequences that you could face. Your attorney should be someone who will fight to try to keep you out of jail or to get any jail sentence as minimal as possible. Your attorney can approach the court to offer information about your personal life as well as how a harsh sentence could impact your job and your family.

The most common punishment for a federal crime conviction is jail or prison. The length of time that you would need to serve would depend on the type of crime and your background. If you have a lengthy criminal history, then it could result in being ordered to serve a longer sentence. Probation is a common punishment as well. This means that you would be given a jail sentence that is set aside while you’re on probation. If you commit other crimes or fail to abide by the terms of your probation sentence, then you could be held in violation and ordered to serve the original jail term that was imposed. If you’re charged with a violation, you should speak with your attorney to try to piece together a defense about what you violated the terms in order to keep you from going to jail if at all possible. Other punishments include the loss of a professional license, loss of visitation or child custody, and possibly losing your job.



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