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Bronx Criminal Lawyers

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Bronx Criminal Lawyers

Being accused of a crime in the Bronx area has the potential to change your life for the worse. You can either spend several years in jail or serve a life sentence. This can create a havoc not only in your life but also in the lives of your loved ones. It is thus important you take necessary steps to defend yourself in court. The first and most important thing you need to do is to understand what you are actually dealing with. This includes knowing which level of crime you are accused of, possible penalties and potential defenses.

Level of Crime Charges in the Bronx

Crime charges in Bronx are based on the New York State Penal Code. Anyone who violates the laws stipulated in the code is said to have committed a criminal offense. The offenses are categorised into felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies involve serious offenses whose sentences exceed one year. Misdemeanors involve offenses for which a judge may impose a sentence of not less than 15 days but not exceeding one year. Felonies are further divided into class A, B, C, D and E. Misdemeanors are divided into class A and B.

Class A felonies consist of major crimes such as terrorism, first-degree murder, drug trafficking and arson in the first degree. Class B involves an attempt to commit a class A felony, insurance fraud in the first degree, bribery in the first degree and grand larceny. Class C includes vehicular assault, manslaughter in the second degree, forgery in the first degree and criminal solicitation in the first degree. Class D and E include reckless endangerment, labor trafficking, coercion, identity theft, unlawful imprisonment and computer trespass.

Class A misdemeanors include sexual misconduct, petit larceny, theft of services and fraudulent accosting. Class B misdemeanors include issuing bad checks, prostitution and loitering.

Possible Penalties for Crimes Committed in the Bronx

Someone convicted of a crime may be sentenced to imprisonment, probation or given a fine during disposition. The judge may issues probation during verdict based on the nature of the crime committed and the history and character of the offender. For class class A and B felonies committed by drug offenders and sexual violators, the period of probation shall be for life. For class A misdemeanors, the probation period shall not exceed six years. For Class B misdemeanors, the period shall be no more than three years.

In scenarios where the judge decides that the offender is not safe for the public, he may issue a prison sentence. A class A felony may attract life imprisonment. Class B and C do not exceed 25 and 15 years respectively. Class D will not go beyond seven years and class E four years. All misdemeanors do not exceed one year.

Once can also be fined for the crime committed. Those with felony charges pay an amount not less than $5,000. A class felony A crime will attract up to $50,000 while class B will not exceed $30,000. A class C will attract $15,000. Those with misdemeanors will pay up to $1,000.

Criminal Defense

The first thing you need to do when accused of a crime in the Bronx is to look for ways to build your defense. The first issue to look at is the legality of your first encounter with the police. Collect as many details as possible regarding your first experience. If the police did not have a solid basis for detaining you, all the evidence collected must be suppressed, and they will have no case.

Remember that each criminal charge in the Bronx has a different consequence. There are laws and procedures put in place to guide the prosecution process. You need to identify all the facts surrounding the case, including the prosecutor’s evidence and witnesses. You should also research the law and discuss your case with the prosecutor.

There are certain circumstances that can change the course of defense in a criminal case. For instance, people aged below 16 years are considered not criminally responsible for conduct. Those aged 13, 14 and 15 years are only held responsible for conduct if they commit acts related to murder. Anyone who is below 19 years is eligible for the “Youth Offender” treatment in Bronx.

Hire a Qualified Lawyer

The New York justice system is very broad and complicated. There are a lot of procedures involved, from the point of arrest to prosecution. You need someone who has a legal experience by your side during these tough times. A Criminal Defense lawyer understands all the aspects of criminal law. He knows how to gather critical evidence and identify certain legal loopholes that might boost your defense. Fighting the war knowing who is exactly is in the front-line will yield successful results.

However, not all lawyers have what it takes to represent a client in court and deliver desirable results. You need someone who is skilled and experienced in the field of Criminal Defense. You also need a lawyer who specializes exclusively in crime-related cases. Those who combine Criminal Defense with other legal areas such as personal injury and divorce will not give your case the attention it deserves.

Do you need to hire a criminal lawyer?

There are many different kinds of lawyers out there capable of representing you when you need them. But when you’re being charged with a crime, a criminal lawyer is almost always necessary. Regardless of your circumstances, it is always a good idea to get the help of a criminal lawyer.

Why is a criminal lawyer necessary?

When you file for something bankruptcy or divorce, it is recommended to have an attorney representing you for an additional layer of protection. But if something doesn’t go your way, the consequences usually aren’t that high. While you may be put out a bit, you probably won’t face time in jail or steep fines.

But when you are charged with a crime, the stakes are typically much different. With so much on the line, representing yourself usually isn’t the best decision to make. There are a few reasons this is true.

First, criminal cases typically have specific definitions, punishments, and procedures. If you don’t fully understand how those policies need to be carried out, you may violate the court and face additional punishments. In most cases, criminal law cannot be understood and applied just by doing research online.

Because criminal attorneys spend years in law school educating themselves on the various rules and regulations of the court, you don’t need to worry about infractions or violations. Instead, you can focus on creating a strong defense that protects you from consequences.

What can a Criminal Attorney do?

Many people believe that they are capable of representing themselves, especially if they are innocent of the crime they are charged with. But even if you feel that just telling your story will set you free, that unfortunately isn’t always the case.

When you are charged with a crime, most people who determine your fate will assume that you are guilty. The judge, prosecutor, and police will all expect you to be punished for the crime, so if you choose to represent yourself, you may not be able to adequately prove why you aren’t the right person.

A criminal attorney will work with you to defend your case and show that you are not guilty of the crime or that you do not deserve a severe punishment. Through understanding the events of what happened, how you relate to the crime, and what factors surround the case, a criminal attorney can help come up with a strong enough defense to get you off – something that is rather difficult to do when representing yourself.

Having an attorney to defend you also means that they can negotiate on your behalf. Because criminal lawyers understand the ins and outs of negotiating in a legal setting, including knowing what is typical for similar crimes and what factors may allow for a reduced sentence, your punishment is likely to be less severe when you have a criminal attorney defending you.

Another benefit of using an attorney instead of defending yourself is that you are paying for the lawyer’s time and attention. Because they do not need to worry about going to another job or other distractions, they can put all their focus into developing your case. If you choose to defend yourself, you may struggle to find the right time to work on your case.

Finally, a criminal attorney can give you some perspective about the case and what kind of sentence you are looking at. Because they are a professional and have worked in similar situations before, they know what kind of punishment you may be facing. In any criminal case, it is important to have a firm grasp on the reality of potential consequences or sentences.

Hiring a criminal lawyer

If you are being charged with a criminal case, don’t take your chances by representing yourself. To get through the trial with as little consequences or the least severe consequences possible, find a criminal attorney who understands your needs and has worked on similar cases.

When your future is on the table, do what you can to protect it. In the event of criminal charges – even if you are innocent – that usually means hiring a criminal lawyer.

Driving while drinking or on drugs is a serious offense with serious consequences. Fines and jail time are common place in these scenarios and if you don’t have someone in your corner, the prosecution will be free to push for as high of a penalty as possible.

A Bucks county DUI attorney, like any other attorney, has the job of protecting your rights and helping you take the minimal penalty. Their technical jargon and knowledge of the state laws, depending on the state Your in, can pull you through what would otherwise be a total disaster. Let’s have a look at some of their knowledge base.

Do You Need One?:

Before we look into what a DUI attorney can do, we need to establish if you can receive help in your situation. An attorney won’t be able to help you, or won’t need to help you in these situations:

  • First Offense- penalty will of course still be applied, but it probably won’t be as bad as if you were a repeat offender
  • No One Was Hurt- this is the ideal scenario if you are convicted. Penalty will be minimal.
  • It’s Obvious that You’re Drunk- Alcohol on your breath, slurred speech, and a high BAC(limit 0.08)are tell tale signs to an officer.

These situations will probably result in a guilty plea or “no contest”. At that point the penalty is assigned and it’s curtains for you. Even still, it couldn’t hurt to consult an attorney in the situation where a factor in your case requires legal assistance.

What an Attorney can Do:

Now that we’ve ruled out the possibility of not needing an attorney, let’s go over the knowledge base of a DUI attorney.

A Plea Bargain– If the case for the prosecution isn’t rock solid, further trials can be made to come to a final conclusion. This of course costs the state more money and that’s not always something they’re willing to give up. In this scenario, your DUI attorney can negotiate with the prosecution on a plea bargain. This is where your attorney’s charisma comes into play.

If your attorney can convince the prosecution, you can plea guilty and receive a lower penalty. Go you! The potential charges you can plead down to are things like “reckless driving”, but in California there’s something called “Wet Reckless”.

This means that the use of alcohol is recognized, but the sentence is far less intense than a DUI charge, keeping you out of jail and protecting your licsense from being suspended if your BAC isn’t above .08%. Keep in mind that “Wet Reckless” is still a DUI charge on your record, so don’t get convicted twice.

DUI Involving Drugs

In addition to helping with the sentence, a DUI attorney can also negotiate away any random drug testing or conditions of probation. In retrospect, it seems a bit underhanded, but not if you’re the one getting help.

So, in short, DUI attorneys are important to your case and can be the difference between a second chance and years in prison. When you think about it, they might just be worth the money and hey, you know your Miranda rights, so you’ll be provided one anyway.

Bronx Criminal Lawyers

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