Will You Have Points on Your License Because of a Red Light Camera? HTML view Note

Will You Have Points on Your License Because of a Red Light Camera? HTML view Note

Red light cameras are a problem for many people who run red lights. The problem is many people think they can make a yellow light and end up too late. Perhaps you thought you’d just stay on track when no one else was coming and you go through the red light because it was safe and there were no police around. The camera catches you, and you receive a ticket in the mail complete with a nice photo of you in your car running a light. It’s enough to ruin your day, especially if the amount you owe is significant. The law varies by state, which leaves many red light camera ticket-holders wondering if they’ll end up with points on your license because of this one red light incident.

Red Light Tickets and Points

Before you panic, understand every state has a different set of laws. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you live if you run a red light in another state. You’ll get a ticket from that state if you are caught on camera. It’s best to understand not all states utilize red light cameras so you might be safe. Some states using red light cameras don’t add points to your license because you choose to run the light. They might just require you pay a fee and be done with it.

If you have a ticket from a state that doesn’t put points on your license, pay it. If you decide not to pay the ticket, you might end up with points on your license. It’s best to pay the ticket and move on to prevent this. If you are caught running a red light in any of the following states, you can expect anywhere from 2 to 20 points depending on how fast the camera captured you driving when running the red light.

– Arizona
– Colorado
– Washington D.C.
– Illinois

New York law does not require you have any points placed on your license, but they do want drivers to know there is a possibility of jail time based on speed. The faster you go through the light, the more time you will spend in jail if you are found guilty. In Illinois, you could see a fine of up to $500 and as many as 20 points on your license if you run a red light. In Maryland, points are added to your license, but your fine could be as high as $1,000 for this violation. It’s double that in Oregon, and it’s as high as $1,200 in states such as New York. In Colorado, you might pay a fine as high as only $80 but you also get 4 points on your license.

There are many stipulations, considerations, and rules in every state. Your best bet is to stop when the light turns yellow to avoid running a red light by accident. It’s much safer. If you are sent a ticket from your own state or another state, you might want to contact and attorney to discuss your rights.

Calling an Attorney

If you want to see about the legal rights available to you to fight a ticket that’s too expensive to pay as well as to avoid points on your license, call us today. We can help you determine what might be the best course of action and how you can fight the ticket you received. There is never a guarantee you can win a case like this, but there is always a chance you can lower your ticket amount or fight the point its. It depends on state law, and it depends on what the factors of your case include.

Don’t wait to contact an attorney if you receive a red light camera ticket you want to dispute. You have so long to pay the fine, and the faster we can get to work the better chance we have of success. Call now to speak to an attorney about the laws in the state the ticket was issued, and to discuss your rights fighting a ticket and points that might be added to your license as a result.

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