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Brooklyn Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Because everyone needs to share the road, there are naturally laws set up to keep drivers safe and to get everyone where they need to go. With that being said, infractions and traffic offenses do happen, and they can be expensive. This is especially true when traffic offenses are considered misdemeanors or felonies.

It is essential to take traffic charges seriously. Some of them can be just as serious as other severe criminal charges. In other words, you can’t just ignore the traffic ticket. With that being said, if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony that is related to a traffic incident, you’ll want to speak with an experienced lawyer who may be able to plead down or minimize the punishment for the traffic offense.

For the most part, when traffic incidents become misdemeanors or felonies, this means that they caused an actual serious injury to someone, or they caused serious destruction of property. Likewise, traffic incidents may become misdemeanors or felonies even if they only caused a serious threat of injury or a serious threat to the well-being and safety of a person or to the destruction of property.

Traffic misdemeanors and felonies can sometimes lead to revoked driving privileges or serious fines. Furthermore, some of the worst infractions may lead to imprisonment. Again, only a professional can help you plead down these charges, so always talk to a lawyer.

Traffic Ticket Misdemeanors

Whether or not a traffic incident becomes a felony usually depends on the state. You need to know the specific laws in your state, and this is where fit experienced lawyer will come in handy.

Traffic misdemeanors are less serious than traffic felonies. This is because the judicial system would be overwhelmed if all minor incidents were treated as full criminal trials. Some examples of typical traffic misdemeanors include reckless driving, failing to stop after an accident, driving without proper insurance, driving under the influence or driving without a valid driver’s license.

Traffic Ticket Felonies

Again, individual states may consider certain traffic incidents felonies while others do not, so it’s important to know the laws in your state. A Brooklyn Traffic Ticket Lawyer will be able to help you with this.

Traffic felonies are much more serious than traffic misdemeanors. In legal terms, a felony is a crime that is punishable by a prison sentence that is more than one year or by death in rare cases. Of course, this is why you need a brooklyn Traffic Ticket Attorney on your side.

Some examples of typical traffic felonies might include hit and run cases, vehicular homicide or repeat DWI or DUI convictions. Traffic felonies may be punishable by prison time and often are. Sometimes fines are also included, and generally speaking, driving privileges will be revoked in these cases. Furthermore, when you have been convicted of a felony, there are other restrictions that you will be punished with. For example, felons could be kept from serving in the military or owning guns. In certain states, if you have been convicted of two felonies, being convicted of a third felony means that you will have life in prison.

Finding a Qualified Brooklyn Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Once again, it’s important to speak to a qualified and reputable lawyer in your area who has experience dealing with traffic tickets. In many cases, they may be able to help your case so that you don’t have to pay quite as much or take the biggest brunt of the punishment. Fighting traffic tickets can be extremely time-consuming, challenging and frustrating. It’s better to turn to a lawyer who has experience in this area of law for help.

Talk to a lawyer today to see how they can help you with your traffic ticket case. The best firms generally offer free consultations so that you can present your situation and case to them, and they can present you with guidance and your legal options.

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