NYC Sex offense with a controlled substance Lawyers

Have you been accused of a sex offense involving a controlled substance? We can help. Recently, there’s been a huge influx of date rape drug cases. Many of them, are false and untrue – yet are investigated by the police. According to NY Penal law, a sex offense done by using a controlled substance – is defined as when someone knowingly/unlawfully possesses a controlled substance and uses it to spike someones drink or food. If you give someone a controlled substance, without their consent – and with the intent to have sex, this is a crime. If you have given someone a date rape drug, in the hopes it’ll result in sex – then you’re going to be charged with a class D felony – which is punishable by jail.

This charge is typically accompanied with a number of other charges – such as rape, or even sexual misconduct. It’s rare you’ll find a suspect charged with JUST a sex offense with a controlled substance alone. this crime is considered similar to rape, and as a result – if you’re charged with facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance – then you need to hire our attorneys. If you’re convicted, you risk going to jail.

We can help

Not everyone charged with the crime is guilty. If you’re accused of this crime, you should not answer any questions until you hire our NYC sex crimes attorney. You have the right to remain silent – use it! Many people are charged with this crime, even though they didn’t do it. Some suspects confess, or say incorrect things – which are later used against them. In many cases, suspects will try to explain what they were doing – and give evidence which is used against them later. If you don’t act smart – this crime cost you your freedom, career, reputation, and family. If you’re arrested, you must ask for an attorney present. If you hire our attorneys, we’ll confer with you before the interrogation and tell you what to say, and what not to say. Never accept deals from the police, or speak to them. These deals will often not be in your favor, and be used against you. Many of these deals will result in you being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life. Dedicated criminal attorneys can help exonerate you.

Police officers are NOT your friends. They have an obligation to protect the public, and when they’ve arrested you – they are not looking to become your friend. Often, police wrongfully arrest people – which means you need to keep your dignity intact.

New York is a very strict state when it comes to sentences and penalties. Based on the severity, sexual offenses with a controlled substance can result in prison sentences of 1 to 25 years in federal prisons.