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NYC Rental Listing Scams Lawyers

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NYC Rental Listing Scams Lawyers

Many people often go to online website in order to find rental properties or sublets. While many online rental listings are legitimate, often – there are many scams as well. Both the federal government, and NY State government takes actions when consumers report they are victims of listing scams. If you’re accused of being involved in a scam, – whether it be making false posts, or accepting money and not providing promise rentals – you are going to face charges. If this happens, you need a serious criminal defense lawyer

The FTC has warned of rental scams in both the real estate market and vacation rental market. Our firm can handle both types of criminal cases. The primary types of scams we normally see – are those in which legitimate rental listings are hijacked. The email address, or other info, is changed so when a visitor clicks on the ad – they end up contacting the scammer instead of the real property owner. In some cases, it may be possible to avoid getting any penalties – if there are legitimate reasons behind why you couldn’t give the listing to the visitor. In some cases, there are phantom listing rentals. Ads are placed on popular websites, despite the fact the listing doesn’t exist.

We can help with scam listings placed on all sorts of websites, such as Craigslist, Zillow, and many others. We have experience with a full range of scams and getting great outcomes for those accused. Some scams get worse, because people fill out detailed applications, and give up private information like social security numbers, and birthday. This information is later sold to obtained credit cards, and other such things, as part of an identity theft scam.

We also have experience with scams involving would-be renters and the wiring of money or sending of checks. The money is received, but the renter goes and is unable to stay in the rental property, or there is no such property.


What are the penalties

Penalties for vacation rental scams vary, depending on the type of scam which was perpetrated. In many cases, defendants will be charged with mail fraud, if they got checks or applications using the postal service; or with wire fraud – if they used the internet in order to advertise scam properties. If defendants got unauthorized access  to emails/website, or hacked into accounts – then defendants can be charged with computer crimes as well. Rental listing scams typically result in numerous criminal charges, such as mail fraud – wire fraud – identity fraud/theft – and computer crimes. Typically these are all federal offenses. If you’re accused, you can be charged with both state and federal charges.

Anyone who has accused and convicted, is given length prison sentences and fines. If you are accused of crimes, we encourage you to get a risk free consultation from our NYC Criminal lawyers.


NYC Rental Listing Scams Lawyers

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