NYC Prime Bank Investments Lawyers

Prime bank fraud is a type of securities fraud. It involves giving investors the chance to put money into a secret, private, investment market. The US treasury has mentioned that prime bank investment scams often involve secret trading programs which are sanctioned by the World Bank, IMF, and other government organizations. The investors in this scam are promised low risks, and very high rate of returns through concierge access to investment opportunities. In reality, no such opportunities exist.

If accused, you are likely to face significant serious penalties, including federal charges. When faced, you must understand your options, and what defenses can be raised for the crimes you’re indicted for. In addition, you’ll need to hire a criminal attorney who can negotiate a plea deal, or help help reduce the potential penalties you may face. Our law firm can help raise defenses, create arguments, and find ways to help dismiss or significantly reduce the impact of charges against you.

Prime bank investment fraud schemes typically involve targeting investors on the internet, through standard mailings, or through the telephone. Investors may also be targeted through advertisements in newspapers. The investors are told they are being invited to an exclusive program which will provide access to low risk investments, with very high rates of returns.

The investments are referred to as prime bank instruments. The potential investment targets are issued by a well known organization. Investors are told that the opportunity is exclusive, and has to be kept secret. In many cases, investors are told to sign non-disclosure agreements. In reality there are no opportunities, the money obtained is embezzled or taken by those operating the scheme.

Here are some examples of prime bank investment fraud schemes we can help with: prime bank guarantees, prime bank debentures, Guaranteed US bank notes, high yield trading programs, roll programs, ICC 3039 letters of credit, ICC 3034 letters of credit, discounted treasury securities, and securities backed by the IMF.



The SEC can pursue legal action in prime bank investment fraud cases. In addition, the SEC can pursue civil and criminal measures against people involved in the prime bank investment scandal. In addition, the SEC can freeze assets and impose monetary fines. Defendants can also be charged with securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, in addition to theft and embezzlement.