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Faced 5+ Years in Prison

People Vs Joseph Amico

Covered by NYDaily News. Las Vegas man accused of threatening a prominent attorney and making vile remarks.

Faced 10+ Years in Prison

People Vs. Anna Sorokin

Covered by New York Times, and other outlets. Fake heiress accused of conning the city’s wealthy, and has an HBO special being made about her.

Faced 3+ Years in Prison

People Vs. Genevieve Sabourin

Accused of stalking Alec Baldwin. The case garnered nationwide attention, with USAToday, NYPost, and other media outlets following it closely.

Faced Potential Charges

Ghislaine Maxwell Juror

Juror who prompted calls for new Ghislaine Maxwell trial turns to lawyer who defended Anna Sorokin.

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The Spodek Law Group understands how delicate high-profile cases can be, and has a strong track record of getting positive outcomes. Our lawyers service a clientele that is nationwide. With offices in both LA and NYC, and cases all across the country - Spodek Law Group is a top tier law firm.

Todd Spodek is a second generation attorney with immense experience. He has many years of experience handling 100’s of tough and hard to win trials. He’s been featured on major news outlets, such as New York Post, Newsweek, Fox 5 New York, South China Morning Post, Insider.com, and many others.

In 2022, Netflix released a series about one of Todd’s clients: Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin.

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Ponzi Scheme Defense Lawyers

Ponzi schemes are a type of investment fraud that has been around for decades. Named after Charles Ponzi, who infamously ran such a scheme in the early 20th century, these schemes are designed to deceive investors and make them believe they are making a profit.
Ponzi schemes work by luring investors with promises of high returns, often through the use of complex financial instruments or false information. The schemers then use the money they receive from new investors to pay off earlier investors, creating the illusion of a profitable investment. However, the scheme eventually collapses when the schemers are unable to attract enough new investors to continue making payments, leaving many investors with significant losses.
One of the most infamous examples of a Ponzi scheme is the Bernie Madoff case, where investors lost billions of dollars in a fraudulent investment scheme. Madoff used his connections in the financial industry to convince investors that he was managing a successful hedge fund, when in reality he was using money from new investors to pay off earlier investors.
In recent years, the rise of digital currencies has led to an increase in Ponzi schemes using cryptocurrencies as the investment vehicle. These schemes often promise high returns on initial investments, but ultimately fail to deliver on those promises.
Ponzi schemes are not only harmful to investors, but can also damage the broader economy. When large-scale schemes collapse, they can lead to a loss of confidence in the financial system and harm the reputation of the financial industry.
To avoid falling victim to a Ponzi scheme, it is important to do thorough research before investing. This includes verifying the legitimacy of the investment opportunity and the track record of the person or company offering it. It is also important to be cautious of promises of high returns with little or no risk, as these are often signs of a potential scam.

Ponzi Scheme Criminal Defense Lawyers

When a Ponzi scheme is discovered, those involved in the scheme may face criminal charges for their involvement. In these cases, a criminal defense attorney may be needed to defend the accused against the charges.
One defense strategy for those accused of involvement in a Ponzi scheme is to argue that the accused did not have the intent to defraud investors. In order to prove criminal intent, the prosecution must show that the accused knowingly and intentionally participated in the scheme with the intent to deceive investors.
Another defense strategy may be to argue that the accused did not have full knowledge of the scheme and was not fully involved in its operation. For example, the accused may argue that they were only a low-level employee or were not aware of the fraudulent nature of the scheme.
Additionally, the defense may argue that the accused relied on the advice of others, such as financial advisors or accountants, and were not fully responsible for the fraudulent actions. In these cases, it may be necessary to call expert witnesses to testify on the accused’s behalf.
It is also important for the defense to thoroughly investigate the case and gather all relevant evidence to support their defense. This may include examining financial records, witness statements, and other evidence to support the defense’s arguments.
Overall, those accused of involvement in a Ponzi scheme have several potential defense strategies available to them. By working with a skilled criminal defense attorney, those accused can build a strong defense and fight the charges against them.
Potential Warning Signs of a Ponzi Scheme

  1. High returns with little or no risk.
  2. Overly consistent returns.
  3. Unregistered investments.
  4. Unlicensed sellers.
  5. Secretive and complex strategies.
  6. Difficulties withdrawing money.
  7. Pressure to invest quickly.
  8. Emphasis on recruiting new investors.
  9. Promises of extraordinary returns.
  10. Lack of transparency.

Pyramid Scheme vs Ponzi Scheme
A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme in which new investors are recruited to make payments to earlier investors, with the promise of high returns. These schemes rely on the continuous recruitment of new investors to generate revenue and pay off earlier investors.
A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, is a fraudulent investment scheme in which returns are paid to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the scheme. Ponzi schemes typically involve promising high, unsustainable returns to investors, and they often collapse when the number of new investors slows down or stops altogether.
The main difference between a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme is that in a pyramid scheme, new investors are recruited to make payments to earlier investors, while in a Ponzi scheme, returns are paid to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. In both cases, the schemes rely on the continuous recruitment of new investors to generate revenue and pay off earlier investors.

How Ponzi Scheme Investigations Work

Ponzi scheme investigations typically involve a combination of law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies working together to uncover the fraud and bring the perpetrators to justice.
The first step in a Ponzi scheme investigation is to identify any suspicious activity or potential fraud. This can be done through various methods, including monitoring financial transactions, analyzing financial records and documents, and conducting interviews with individuals involved in the scheme.
Once a potential Ponzi scheme has been identified, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies will work together to gather evidence and build a case against the perpetrators. This may involve conducting further interviews with individuals involved in the scheme, as well as issuing subpoenas to obtain financial records and other relevant documents.
The investigation may also involve forensic accounting techniques, such as analyzing financial statements and transactions to identify any inconsistencies or irregularities.
Once the investigation has gathered sufficient evidence, law enforcement agencies will typically issue arrest warrants and bring the perpetrators of the Ponzi scheme to court. In some cases, the perpetrators may be charged with criminal fraud or other related offenses.
If the perpetrators are found guilty, they may face penalties such as fines, jail time, and restitution to victims of the fraud. In addition, the assets of the perpetrators may be seized and used to compensate victims.
Overall, Ponzi scheme investigations are complex and time-consuming processes that require a collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies to uncover and prosecute fraudulent activity.

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