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Parole and Parole Violations Lawyers

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Parole and Parole Violations Lawyers

If you’re on parole when you get out of prison, there are a few rules and regulations that you are required to follow. If you break these rules, you will likely be violated and have to go back to prison to serve out the rest of your sentence. Most of the time, the rules that you have to follow will coincide with the severity of the crime that you committed. Your behavior in prison can also have an effect on what you must do while on parole. Many people are released from prison for good behavior, which is why they are placed on parole and given a second chance. This is a time for you to show that you do know how to abide by the law, showing that you have learned from the mistakes that you have made that landed you in jail to begin with.

One of the things that many people on parole have to do is to meet with a parole officer. This is a person who will talk to you about your job, your living situation and how you are dealing with being out of prison. You will likely have to submit information about employment and provide an address. At times, the office might visit your home to make sure that there is no illegal activity taking place. If you fail to meet with the officer at the designated time without a suitable reason, then the officer can make note of this in your file.

You will probably have to submit to drug tests after you get out of prison. If you pass a certain number of drug tests, then you might not have to take anymore while you are on parole. However, if you fail a test, then it will be documented. If you fail more than one, then this could be grounds for getting your parole violated and you being sent back to prison. You are to refrain from committing any new crimes while you’re on parole. This is a violation that many people make. They think that the new crime won’t affect their parole status, so they go ahead and commit the crime. This isn’t true as the new crime will often weigh heavier on the parole status and usually result in more time spent in prison. Another condition of your parole will usually be to stay away from those who are known to be involved in criminal activity. You usually aren’t allowed to leave the state or the country. If you are in the country illegally, then there is a chance that you would be deported. If you leave the state without permission, then you will likely be taken back to your home state to be put back in prison for violating the terms of your parole.

Another condition of parole is to wear an electronic monitoring device. This is often in the form of an ankle bracelet. If you try to remove the bracelet, such as cutting it off, then the parole office will find out. This will often result in your arrest. The bracelet is a way to monitor where you go as you usually aren’t allowed to leave the home unless it’s to go to work or to classes that will better yourself for the future. You usually have to be home by a certain time, which can make it difficult in finding a job, but if you explain your situation, then most employers will work with you.

An attorney can help with a parole violation by looking at the reason the violation was committed. There is a chance that you could get another opportunity to prove that you won’t violate the parole, but in most cases, an attorney will only be able to get the sentence reduced. If you are close to being done with the parole term, then the attorney might be able to get the sentence terminated.

Parole and Parole Violations Lawyers

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