NYC Notario Fraud Lawyers

In Latin and European countries, a notary public or notario, has the equivalent of a license to practice law. The notario has the authority to provide representation in front of the government. Notario’s have a different meaning, outside of the USA. It’s possible that the term can be misleading, and could be used to commit fraud. Notario fraud involve misrepresenting yourself as someone whose qualified to offer legal help, in connection with immigration issues. Advertising yourself as someone whose qualified to provide immigration services, as a result of your title as notario, can lead to criminal charges in the USA.

Here are some examples of situations where Notario’s suggest they can provide services they aren’t authorized to provide:

  • Claiming to be an abogado
  • Claiming to be authorized to represent immigrants in court
  • Claiming to be authorized to represent immigrations for USCIS
  • Claiming that you have qualifications to be a legal assistant, notary public, or have a court license

Only a licensed attorney is allowed to provide legal advice, or professional services within New York. Advertising that as a notario, you can provide legal services without a state law license – can lead to jail time or other penalties. The law firm of Raiser & Kenniff, PC, has a long history of providing amazing criminal defense legal help. We can help you avoid jail time, and other financial penalties. Our firm has helped clients throughout the country protect their future.

Notarios have to post a sign that they are not lawyers. The sign has to state the individual providing the service isn’t an attorney. In addition, notarios are mandated to state in all advertisements that the service provider isn’t an attorney, and can’t provide accredited representation. In addition, the law prohibits notarios from using the title of lawyer or attorney in any language. ┬áViolations of this law can result in Class A misdemeanor charges. New York prohibits the unauthorized practice of law, which is a Class E felony. In addition the state attorney general can file a civil lawsuit against anyone who violates this. Federal law – 8 C.F.R. section 292.1, forbids anyone from unauthorized practice of immigration law. Only licensed attorneys, and accredited individuals, can represent clients in immigration issues. Notario fraud can result in criminal charges under many federal statutes, including mail fraud, wire fraud.




How we can help

We can help you avoid criminal prosecution, jail time, civil lawsuit, and even financial restitution penalties. Without our Notario criminal lawyers, you could be barred from advertising to immigrants in the future. You must be aggressive, and defend yourself with the help of an attorney who understands the law. Our criminal defense law firm was founded by 2 former prosecutors, and understands how the prosecution will build their case. That means, we are well poised to helping you win.