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NJ Prostitution Defense Lawyers

November 2, 2020 New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

Some crimes seem to be more scandalous than others for many individuals. The public loves to latch onto to juicy gossip about a prominent figure who gets in trouble with the law. This has never been more true than local NJ prostitution cases. Polite society still tends to frown upon those who indulge in this sort of wickedness especially when the accused are members of the upper elite social circles.

Why Society Has Always Been Fascinated With Stories of Prostitution

Even during centuries where being a prostitute could result in a horrible death sentence like stoning, prostitution still seems to flourish. Part of the reason involves a woman’s place in society that will differ among different countries, cultures and time periods.

People just naturally tend to be overly fascinated with stories about prostitution when it involves well-known pillars of the upper echelons of society. For those accused of prostitution, this kind of public scrutiny can ruin a person’s good reputation even after they are found innocent of the initial charges.

Even Soliciting a Prostitute Is Against the Law Almost Everywhere

While it is usually the prostitutes that find themselves before a judge in a courtroom, charges can be filed against the ones who visit a prostitute for sexual services as well. Over the years, most of a prostitute’s regular clients are let go with a light slap on the wrist type of legal action. However, the prostitutes themselves are often shown no mercy for their intimate crimes against a polite society. Soliciting a prostitute is still against the law in almost every state in America with a few exceptions.

Solicitation of a Prostitute Carries Stiff Fines & Possible Jail Time

As women’s rights have become mainstream in this country, more states are making more of an effort to charge the individuals who solicit sexual favors from a known prostitute. This type of criminal charge can still result in stiff fines, a possible criminal record and even jail time in some cases. These are all good reasons to speak with an attorney who handles prostitution cases in NJ and elsewhere.

A Seasoned NJ Prostitution Lawyer Can Review the Specifics of Your Case

Each case will have different circumstances, and a reputable attorney can often get the charges dropped or reduced if there are mitigating factors or a misunderstanding that lead to the criminal complaint. Having a lawyer who understands the discretion that needs to be taken in these cases can make all of the difference in the world as to the eventual outcome of the case. Always have your specific court case reviewed by your own attorney before doing anything else.

Choose a Lawyer Who Understands Privacy, Confidentiality & Discretion

To fight a prostitution or soliciting a prostitute legal charge, it is necessary to contact a law firm that fully understands the privacy, confidentiality laws and discretion needed to keep the details of the case private. This involves mounting a swift and aggressive legal defense at the very beginning of the case before the other parties have a chance to air your dirty laundry in the public spotlight.

When Prostitution Charges Could Be Tried In Federal Court

Attorneys familiar with prostitution laws know that the Mann Act could put a prostitution charge into federal court rather than the usual litigation in state courts. This could apply if the prosecution can prove that the accused helped take the person across state lines in order to engage in prostitution or sex for money or other type of compensation. This becomes a serious matter fast, and the accused parties are urged to get an attorney on their side swiftly.

Don’t Plead Guilty to Prostitution Hoping to Keep Things Quiet

When a celebrity or person of worth is charged with a crime such as prostitution, they often resort to pleading guilty hoping that the crime will stay out of the news or public eye. This is risky and could make things worse. Take the opportunity to call Spodek Law Group to set up a consultation appointment. Learn more about NJ prostitution law by visiting to view our informative website anytime.



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